Jeremy Renner on Wearing Hawkeye Costume at Daughter’s School & Mayor of Kingstown

Published on October 27, 2021

Jeremy talks about the title of his show “Mayor of Kingstown” on Paramount+, the new Marvel Studios “Hawkeye” series on Disney+, not taking props from the set, wearing his costume at his daughter’s school, and kids asking for his autograph.

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  • loveforeignaccents 2 years ago

    Jimmy should actually suck it up and get some glasses, instead of looking ridiculous when he’s trying to read off of the cue cards for the intros.

  • loveforeignaccents 2 years ago

    Oh, I do miss the old speedometers!

  • averageStudent 2 years ago

    This mayor of kingstown sounds like an interesting show for my watchlist.

  • Sunny Wangpan 2 years ago

    Jeremy Renner is like Louis of 1D…
    Not getting much attention alone

  • Jeigh Neither 2 years ago

    Jeremy’s a little tipsy I believe.

  • Nea Karlson 2 years ago

    Thor:wait let me explain
    Cap and tony: u got 4 solo movies and we got 3
    Nat and bruce:u guys are getting more than 1 and we got only 1 solo movie
    Clint:what u guys are getting solo movies??

  • Helmy Kimmy 2 years ago

    Jeremy renner and mark wahlberg their both really great..

  • MojoRisin 2 years ago

    oh look the filler avenger. yawn. click.


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