Jane Mayer Calls Out the Self-Policing of the Supreme Court

Published on August 4, 2022

Investigative journalist Jane Mayer discusses Kansas voters rejecting the rollback of reproductive rights, the general public losing trust in the Supreme Court and her article on Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife, Ginni Thomas, texting Mark Meadows on January 6.

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  • bubblesezblonde 6 months ago

    2:03~ Kansas was the first state to fight against slavery. I wasn’t surprised that my fellow Kansans fought against theocracy, as it is but a form of gender slavery. Now the Sunflower state need to clean House and Senate in November and kick these Maga nuts back into the 18th century from whence they spawned. Once again Seth, great interview skills. One could visably see Ms. Mayer relax as it progressed. Thanks.

  • C Ziv 6 months ago

    Best guest ever! Love love love Jane, appreciate you featuring a guest who has something going on upstairs.

  • Jeff Hodge 6 months ago

    The Right is nothing but projection. Their Federalist Society is their Deep State. Blow up the Federalist Society. Start with that WOP, Mr. Leo. He needs to bleed out on the pavement in front of a South-side elementary school in Chicago.

  • Jeff Hodge 6 months ago

    Jane, put up your political cartoons online. We’ll all follow you. I’m sure they are great.

  • Napalm Holocaust 6 months ago

    Hang them.

  • Red Barchetta 6 months ago

    If this was Russia she wouldn’t be here. That’s what’s scary about all these tRump/Putin supporters. Let’s hope we put tRump in prison soon and Putin has a widow maker.

  • Abe Yang 6 months ago

    This was a great interview

  • apple tile 6 months ago

    There was an old saying…..
    You know you’re having a bad day if Mike Wallace is at your door (60 Minutes fame)

  • Eric Anderson 6 months ago

    Narrator: Everyone has lost confidence in the Supreme Court.

  • DwayneShaw1 6 months ago

    SCOTUS is not completely without regulation. The system is designed better than that (human ‘designs’ are the problem). A Justice can be removed by the same impeachment process for presidents. Let’s not absolve Congress of their over-site responsibilities.

  • Scott Gray 6 months ago

    We are in trouble unless Roberts, or someone on the court, can talk sense into the others.

  • mary dupree 6 months ago

    good interview

  • An Old Knight of the Dented Order 6 months ago

    Because of the Supremes’ arrogance, It’s time for term limits on SCOTUS. They are NOT above the law. If they violate any law, they should be held accountable just as “We The People” would.

  • Ben 6 months ago

    This is a fantastic guest omg more of these people! So intelligent and a beautiful / honest writer !

  • B G 6 months ago

    The Republican party doesn’t serve their constituents.
    The Republican party doesn’t serve their voters.
    The Republican party doesn’t serve the country.

    #VOTE so the Republican party doesn’t serve again.

  • Logan M -C 6 months ago


  • Jan Elliot 6 months ago

    Wow. RESPECT! Jane Mayer is FIERCE.

  • gary skidmore 6 months ago

    What policing? Doesn’t exist.


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