Obama Connects With The Youths | Rishi Is Richer Than The Royals | Adidas Drops Ye

Published on October 25, 2022

Former President Barack Obama dropped a video to encourage young people to vote, the U.K.’s new prime minister is the wealthiest person ever to hold that office, and Adidas finally did the right thing and ended their partnership with Kanye West. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • brian sanford 1 year ago

    Nikes’ Big Ten Inch shoe? Tee-hee!

  • Dean 1 year ago

    Stephen Gaybert is nothing but a dummycratic mouth piece.

  • Frank Boyd 1 year ago

    My dog came by to figure out why I was laughing so hard.

  • Jamie Lowell 1 year ago

    The THC percentage in the flower is not a reliable indicator of how affected the user will be.

  • Robert Crocker 1 year ago

    Colbert nailed it with the new British PM’s accent. Anybody with that accent is not a 3rd world immigrant but a real Brit–of very upper class origins.
    Sounds like could be one of the royals. Sorry but over here we don’t capitalize royal.
    But he’s young. Wish them (Brits) luck.

  • dave gnarlsson 1 year ago

    stop voting for for commies and dementia patients.

  • Lloyd Williams 1 year ago

    British PM nickname: HelloGoodbye Truss.
    Wish I could say the same.

  • Hiker Biker 1 year ago

    Adidas didn’t drop the ass hat, they paid him off with over $200 million. I’ll never buy any product from them, Nike, or any other sports clothing line who pays people like him massive amounts and then recoups the money but jacking up the prices on the cheap garbage they sell.

  • Carol Warchol 1 year ago

    The midterms terrify me.

  • Dean of Smoking 1 year ago

    3:12 Should that have been a peach basket ? not open ended? James nesmith? Am I remembering wrong? lol

  • jadedbrad 1 year ago

    Kanye is manic. He needs meds.

  • nikon052952 1 year ago

    the audience actually thought Truss was a type of athletic supporter… i loved his vackzeen skit… it was killer

  • Qween Koi 1 year ago

    They are bringing Obama back out because that’s how bad democrats are doing lol

  • albear972 1 year ago

    Stephen Colbert was condescending to his audience, insulting their intelligence. Liz Truss. If that would have been a T#%*& nazi rally, then yes, the attempted joke would have worked.


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