James Acaster Became a Stand-Up Comedian to Infiltrate a Gang of Drug Dealers

Published on November 11, 2022

James Acaster talks about his Hecklers Welcome tour, his vision for getting an alligator suit for his musical collective, Temps, and shares how he started his true crime podcast, Springleaf.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Aaron Peart 3 months ago

    I love hearing people NOT really get James but the rest of us are dying laughing

  • catherine powers 3 months ago

    Two very funny guys!

  • Virgil Hawkins 3 months ago

    Seth is unique in interviews in that, as a comedian, he gets what other comedians are going for. He understands the setup for bits and how comedians have to support themselves by finding humor in when their jokes DON’T land. “Ah that didn’t get a laugh but let me just roll around here in the mud for a bit so long as I’m down here.”

  • ian callahan 3 months ago

    James needs to host SNL.

  • Louise Laliberte 3 months ago

    Oh my days, he’s hilarious!!! I legit play a 6hr James Acaster ‘Scrapes’ comp when I have insomnia. Love everything he does.

  • ohaicookies 3 months ago

    Seth is clearly a genuine fan of James and it’s SO fun to watch

  • VieenRennes 3 months ago

    I love this man so much. The audience should have given him more.

  • David Pfiffner 3 months ago

    My brother from another mother.
    Working for drug dealers is the same as law enforcement and military.
    I would rather make bank as a comedian.
    You made a good move sir.

  • lafayette the baguette 3 months ago

    Weird seeing James on a US chat show

  • Keith Shannon 3 months ago

    Damn he was just in town here a week ago & i didn’t even know he was in the country 🙁 Wish I had been able to see him

  • aladydontyouknow 3 months ago

    love the Acaster. Only lending him to you my US friends!

  • ohnonomorenames 3 months ago

    John Oliver – Last week tonight
    James Acaster – There was a week, wanna hear about sum stuff?

  • Julie Holt 3 months ago

    British Tracy Morgan

  • Gina Tellina 3 months ago

    I guess that those people who go to therapists are afraid of therapists and therefore expose themselves to therapists.

  • babstra55 3 months ago

    james acaster is too edgy for me.

  • Real Feels 3 months ago

    At first, I didn’t love that he wasn’t making eye contact with Seth. But then he was just, like, the funniest possible guest on this show.

  • Guy Montag 3 months ago

    That wasn’t his best appearance, but James really is the funniest man alive.

  • Shaunna 3 months ago

    I hope he stayed for Corrections!!

  • Elizabeth Bookey 3 months ago

    A crèche is the display of the baby Jesus in the manger with Mary and Joseph.

  • Sean 3 months ago

    I’m so glad his sense of humour worked over there.


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