Martin Scorsese Is Too Short For His Film Sets | CONAN on TBS

Published on October 26, 2023

(Original Airdate: 02/10/14) Modern movie sets are so crammed with wires, lights, and cameras that 5’4″ Martin Scorsese needs a tall person to guide him.

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  • tetepeb 6 months ago

    Is that why he makes so long movies? Badabapada ba!

  • Aidan Kedzierski 6 months ago

    This is how I learn Marty and I are the same height.

  • Nicholas Levi 6 months ago

    Scorsese should be on someone’s back like Yoda & directing them where to go

  • ptc5010 6 months ago

    Love him. Every time he says “picture” in this video I just think of Joe Pesci.

  • Radiant97 6 months ago

    Please get Marty on the podcast!

  • MaskedMan 6 months ago

    The Goat

  • Edhelvar 6 months ago

    Hope this upload means he’s going to the podcast, would love a longform conversation between these two.

  • Jimmy Benyoucef 6 months ago

    What a wholesome man❤

  • Ganiscol 6 months ago

    Get Martin Scorsese on the Conan podcast! I insist! 🫵

  • Lumpy 6 months ago

    He’s the guy in shark tale

  • Iภvaͥᖙeͣrͫz⇜ 6 months ago


  • UhhhOhNoo0oo0OoOoo0oo0oO0 6 months ago

    Exactly. For many many years, ive been saying that the human animal doesn’t absorb the films points or morality. The first I can remember is Wall Street and The Godfather. It was all, Gordon Gecko, drugs, money, Manhattan, women and the first mobile phone. Greed was GREAT! That is what the human animal extrapolated. The mafia culture was interesting and entertaining and ‘Cool’. These films helped support these ideas a million times more than teaching a moral. Great entertainment but, destructive to society/culture in general. It behooves one to realize that we are instinctive animals and want the easy candy at all levels, especially when it is destructive long or even medium term. TAKE THE MOVIE — JAWS and the garbage sequals…………..Lead to the killing of 100s of millions of sharks per year. You didn’t want to swim in your own pool or bathtub. Sharks kill ONE human per year and it’s usually a moron going for a night swim or in the improper place. It’s their ocean. Besides that, great art can be unsupportive of humanity. There isnt a “rRght” “Wrong” “Bad’ or “Good”. There are no such things as those 4 words. Well, UNLESS TALKING ABOUT GODFATHER III……..THAT WAS HORRIFIC. 🍊 😮

  • J S 6 months ago

    What a lovely humble Man! Besides obviously one of the greatest directors ever…..


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