How the Funeral Industry Continues to Profit Off the Cost of Dying Pt. 1

Published on October 27, 2021

We can all agree that funerals are the most depressing and least fun kind of party (aside from baby showers). But did you know they’re also insanely expensive? Here’s how the funeral industry makes a fortune off the deaths of our loved ones. Part 1 of 2.




  • Jiddy12345 1 year ago

    Sir, this is a mortuary not a rental house.

  • Gypsy Robin 1 year ago

    Been saying for decades that the funeral business is out of control. No reason for a coffin to cost over 5-Grand.
    People take out funeral insurance policies to “lock-in” their funeral costs while they’re still alive. Which is separate from Life Insurance.

  • juzek1958 1 year ago

    I’m a cadaver donner. Cost $0.

  • tinfoilhatter 1 year ago

    oh dang! ya got me! so the taylor swift thing was good, huh?

  • Todd Armstrong 1 year ago

    Please stop signing off with “Aw, thank you watching” It sounds pitying and infantilizing at the same time.

  • BlowItOutYourCunt 1 year ago

    Most states allow you to have an in-home wake and funeral, it’s much cheaper!

    Covid didn’t allow for a funeral or wake for my father but he had a direct cremation which was all inclusive and cost $1,800 which wasn’t bad at all! He wouldn’t have wanted anything fancy anyway.

    Instead we spent the money we saved on a covid conscious party in celebration of his life.

  • Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey 1 year ago

    Australia has been known for some time to have quite a high comparative cost of living (and I would have assumed, dying too). Yet when my mother died five years ago, her funeral cost $7, 000AUD in total. She didn’t want anything extravagant, yet I did not stint her anything either.
    America, what’s going on?

  • Toad Jiang 1 year ago

    Wow! $2,250 for renting a casket for just one day!? Is that casket made of pure gold or something?

  • David Johnson 1 year ago

    One of the biggest problems with the funeral industry is That SCI Monopolizes over it here in the USA Look it UP

  • heyysimone 1 year ago

    I was going to train to he a funeral director or embalmer. Im so glad i didnt. I now work in a mortuary/morgue and perforn autopsies. I much prefer the job i have. I dont have to sell to grieving people.
    I dont live in america, so im not sure of their laws, but i know that where i live, you can use a casket you build yourself, even a pine box. It just needs handles and a lining inside the casket. You can get the person cremated, just need to also pay for the paperwork fee on top. I know of a family who had someone cremated and they picked them up from the mortuary, and the total cost of the whole funeral was like $1000. That is still a lot, but a lot cheaper than my brother. He died suddenly and my parents ended up spending roughly $12,000. I dont know if that cost included the headstone. They also bought the plot next to him as he was buried, and their plot is a double depth plot. I told them i dont want to be embalmed because its cheaper to keep me in a cooled down room out of the sun, with a fan and some ice around me (in packets, not just free flowing lol) and you stay fine for a few days. And i want to be cremated. Simple pine box. As cheap as possible.

  • Robert Nope 1 year ago

    Generally not much a fan media attempting to cover deathcare industry. Shop around get your prices. Find a reputable home. Non-corporate. Family owned. It’s simple. Do your homework. Plan ahead.

    But an ethical funeral home isn’t your enemy. You just have to call around and find your fit.

  • Alexis Rodriguez 1 year ago

    People! If you are thinking about dying, please do that in Mexico it’s a lot cheap there, r go swimming with the sharks, still more cheaper, 😂

  • Tiffany Mims 1 year ago

    If you want to save money on a funeral look for a locally owned and operated funeral home, so many are corporate-owned. Also if you are burying the person’s casket or urn then please check into locally owned & operated cemeteries, if possible find a not-for-profit cemetery.

  • AlbertaBound 1 year ago

    Why are funerals expensive? You can’t blame it on the …ahem… *cost of living*

  • Dannie 1 year ago

    Please give a shout out to Caitlin Doughty of Ask a Mortician in your future videos on this subject. Ms. Doughty is a huge resource for these kinds of subjects, and I’m sure she’d be thrilled to let you interview her or pick her brain!

  • Joshua P 1 year ago

    wish i could upvote and downvote at the same time, news is good opening joke gets a thumb’s down


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