How Domhnall Gleason Kept His Cool (Sort Of) When Meeting Cate Blanchett

Published on October 7, 2022

Domhnall Gleason, who stars opposite Steve Carell in the FX series, “The Patient,” tells Stephen the cringe-worthy story of trying to keep it together when meeting Cate Blanchett for the first time. #Colbert #ThePatientFX #DomhnallGleason

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  • New Message 1 year ago

    That show of his is really starting to grab me… can’t imagine how it’ll end.

  • H hayoona 1 year ago

    I love this interview I want more..

  • dnelsdl 1 year ago

    domhnall looks like hes having so much fun

  • Some Guy 1 year ago

    Love Domnall. Glad to see old fashioned class and charm is alive and well.

  • look whats happening now 1 year ago

    How will The Patient end? Any thoughts?

  • sswgm 1 year ago

    In Black Mirror, Domhnall played a (spoiler!) boyfriend/android surrogate fantastically. He’s so good demonstrating atypical personalities. Ex Machina was good, but he’s really shined in other projects.

  • Claire Alderwood 1 year ago

    Domhnall is delightful!

  • JAg 1 year ago

    The editing on this show is so awkward. Domhnall got a great laugh with his meeting Kate story but they interrupted it with canned applause then edit to Stephen asking a question with a serious expression: @4:50

  • Dewi Matthews 1 year ago

    He shares his first name with the Disney duck.

  • Joy Cliffe 1 year ago

    “Irish names are impossible…”
    “I’m not going to take this from a Colbert.”
    What a fun interview. Domhnall is such an ebullient individual and he and Stephen seemed to really enjoy each other’s company.

  • wuhoo life 1 year ago

    This beautiful beautiful man. Right there. Goodness!

  • Bee Whistler 1 year ago

    I had no knowledge of Brendan Gleeson even having kids but as soon as I saw this guy’s name I knew exactly what his accent would be. I’m so glad there are more of them in the world.


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