The Dailyshow-ography of Chris Cuomo: Epic News Bro | The Daily Show

Published on August 27, 2021

Crafting his iconic “Let’s get after it” catchphrase. Defending his Italian heritage in the Fredogate standoff. Honoring the bro code with his governor brother. This is The Dailyshow-ography of Chris Cuomo. #DailyShow #ChrisCuomo




  • Dixon, D 4 weeks ago

    Journalism and Communications are different degrees and Cuomo has a JD.

  • Rich 4 weeks ago

    That video was pretty funny him picking that fight

  • Brian Kay 4 weeks ago

    Completely understandable because he’s a human being.

  • Chartreuse Maiden 4 weeks ago

    Wait, why are we targeting Chris Cuomo?
    He and his brother are 2 separate people.
    Yes, he helped on the campaign but that Doesn’t mean he was involved with all of the scandals.
    Also, no I don’t watch his show. I feel like it was a “Sean Hannity” or “Tucker Carlson” type of show. So I just didn’t bother. But….again with all being said…why are we suddenly targeting Chris Cuomo?

  • KWEEN ME 4 weeks ago

    TODAY, I LEARNED that “FREDO” is 5:46 an insult to Italian people. “…it’s like the n-word for us (italians)”.
    WELP….I find this a surprise cause italians always using the n word. Never seen an Italian movie or been to a football game where they don’t use racial slurs ALL THE TIME. S0 why be offended? Also, why not learn to love it, just don’t use the hard “R”. (Black folk are not the only ones who should learn to be GODly by turning a racial slur into a term of endearment.

  • DroneJon 4 weeks ago

    “Bullying people like a coach on the biggest looser”, you sorta met yourselfe at the door right there…

  • New Soul 4 weeks ago

    its like the “n word” for us smh completely out of touch. the whole family is so shady, and so much machismo, chris has always seemed so aggressive, I’ve always wondered if abuse allegations will come out later from his wife, he has those vibes

  • Alberto Gonzalez 4 weeks ago

    I enjoy Chris and have but here lately something seems different his attitude and cares seems like there siding with what he spoke against, just watch!!!

  • Felicia The Diamond In The Sky 4 weeks ago


  • Giovanna higgins 4 weeks ago

    I don’t think Chris, should be blame for his brother’s action. I really enjoy his points of view I think he is a professional.

  • Hissy Fitz 4 weeks ago

    Mannequin assembled out of cold cuts. 😳😱😳

  • Javier Anderson 4 weeks ago

    As long as CNN hires this man (and a few others), CNN will continue to be nothing but empty entertainment masquerading as journalism. ‘Nuff Said. Thanks Daily Show!

  • Chris Hall 4 weeks ago

    Leave Chris alone. Come on, guys! He was only defending Family. Regardless of the position he held @ CNN, and regardless of the brother’s indiscretions, you gotta admit: You’d do the same thing for your family. It’s just that simple. Still love you, Desi!

  • Danny Thompson 4 weeks ago

    Wow he’s very unlikeable

  • Jos Nijsten 4 weeks ago

    Let’s go after the money, whatever it takes.

  • stephen anderson 4 weeks ago

    I dont really understand what TDS is doing lately. Im not trying to be negative but TDS just does seem as funny as it used to be. This almost seemed like a hit job on Chris Cuomo but why? If this was meant to make me laugh I’m sorry to say I did not. Were they just bored at the office? I am a huge HUGE fan of Trevor so it makes me question who the writers of the show are.

  • Yippie Skippy 4 weeks ago

    “Chris mother fredo Cuomo” 😲🤣

  • Dorethea Simone 4 weeks ago

    Strange man. Interesting history.

  • Mlogan11 4 weeks ago

    CNN took no action because they were also guilty with allowing him to hold interviews with his brother.

  • Särah 4 weeks ago

    Love that guy 👌😁

  • Alice Hunter 4 weeks ago

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  • CeciliaBlow 4 weeks ago

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  • AngelicaFerrell 4 weeks ago

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