“His Political Power… Is Actually Waning” – Chris Hayes On T**** And The Impact Of The Jan 6 He…

Published on July 22, 2022

Chris Hayes wraps up his appearance on #LateShowLIVE with an analysis of the impact the Jan. 6th Committee hearings are having on the former president’s political power. Catch Chris Hayes weeknights on MSNBC! #Colbert #LateShowLIVE #ChrisHayes

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  • Old Fart Johnson 8 months ago

    If trump is the best the republicans have,what does that say about republicans as a party?They are by far the worst of the worst and you have to wonder what kind of people vote for them no matter what.

  • Gloria 8 months ago

    My very conservative Republican mother told me tonight while we were watching the hearing that she could never vote for Donald Trump again. PROGRESS.

  • Jeremy Toh 8 months ago

    Benghazi was Hillary’s Baggage, The Capitol Attack should be Trump’s Baggage. Karma’s a bitch.

  • Doug Golden 8 months ago

    In some ways, it seems like “Out with the old fascist (Trump), in with the new fascist (Desantis).”

  • John Townsend 8 months ago

    trump actually wanted Pence assassinated!

  • Kathy D 8 months ago

    So Trump waited until he knew the National Guard was on their way to the Capitol before he told his followers to leave, as if to give them a warning, to protect them from the authorities on the way there.

  • Mega Fauna 8 months ago

    Trump is like a virus, he sickens, corrupts and diminishes everyone he comes into contact with. They may be the great and good like Gen. Flynn, Mark Meadows or Bill Barr, or just dumbass mall cops like the secret service.

  • AndrewVelonis 8 months ago

    He needs to button his shirt.

  • robert andrews 8 months ago

    The “progressive” movement is waning. America is not buying what you are selling. I don’t know what Colbert is, but it is not entertaining. I guess it is what you put on, so you can fall asleep. Just background noise.

  • Tiyath 8 months ago

    Making T**** the nominee for a second term would be like inviting Nixon back after Watergate. In addition to him costing a good 600.000 lives on account of his Covid inaction, environmental protection cuts, one-sided tax cuts and appointing three absolute nutjobs to the SCOTUS

  • अर्जुन शर्मा 8 months ago

    So what dems will still not win at this point even if Colbert run from GOP he will win. Sad we trusted dems AOC is right they did little for climate change specially no change in CHINA’s industrial complex DEMS could have made China eco friendly but Dems did nothing and China continues the harmful practice.

  • Gerard ODwyer 8 months ago

    “Baggage”? Fcuk that. Why isn’t Trump wearing an orange jumpsuit and sitting in a prison cell? What is the DoJ doing?

  • aumarigan 8 months ago

    He looks like Jake from 2 1/2 Men

  • TWSTF 8 8 months ago

    I really gotta stop trying to watch this while drinking coffee! 😅💦

  • Carlos Villanueva 8 months ago

    My question is why the people on this fact-finding committee never bring up the second impeachment and the fact that the Republicans who after all of this, insurrection Stated that they couldn’t impeach “Citizen #1” because he was no longer president and was just an average citizen. By doing so, they admitted that they were aware that he in fact had lost the election and was not president. So, every denial of Biden being the President after that was a violation of their “oath of office” to defend the Constitution of the United States of America. They can’t have it both ways and should be held accountable. They can’t say he wasn’t president for impeachment but was president for everything else. No one who knowingly lied and said, “Biden isn’t President” in any way shape or form should ever be able to hold a public office ever again.

  • Mark Smith 8 months ago

    He’s gonna be back, I can’t wait

  • G 8 months ago

    You say “It does not seem plausible on any level” – I say Horseshit.

  • Q. E. D. 8 months ago

    Patience, folks, patience.
    It’s unlikely that any of the politicians will be arrested this side of the mid-terms. That would be considered a political move, right round the world.
    So the thing to do is send Biden and Garland a clear mandate to go full steam ahead,
    Biden to start to fix American democracy and Garland to bring Trump face to face with justice. Hopefully, the first tranche of arrests will come pretty soon after that.
    Keep that anger and outrage you feel in check, if you’re trying to persuade a sympathiser, but use it to motivate yourself and like minded friends to work like mad to get everyone in your ambit to register and vote. It’s a make or break election for democracy, imo.

  • xcw4934 8 months ago

    President Potato Head is exactly who we always knew him to be. I’m not mad at him. I’m angry with the conservative media not reporting any of his BS. Imagine how angry Fox would be if MSNBC refused to mention Benghazi. And now you have pretty much crickets from them on a domestic coup. The media carries the burden of ensuring the voting public don’t choose a Stalin or a Mussolini or a Pol Pot or a Chavez. If the media is happy to lie to the people then you can make any one of those people sound like the only ones who can save the nation from disaster.

  • 00SmileTime00 8 months ago

    Now Chris, don’t make me play the “Walls are closing in” montage again…
    You guys have been saying this about him after every single scandal for SEVEN YEARS and every single time you’ve been wrong.

    Temper your expectations is all I’m saying.


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