What Putin’s Phrase “De-Nazify” Means To The Home Audience In Russia – Julia Ioffe

Published on February 25, 2022

Julia Ioffe, founding partner and Washington correspondent for Puck News, joins Stephen for a three-part interview to offer her perspective on the latest developments in Russia’s attack on Ukraine, including an explanation of what Vladimir Putin’s choice of language signifies to the Russian public. Stick around for the rest of this conversation with Julia Ioffe! #Colbert #PuckNews #JuliaIoffe

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  • Courtney 11 months ago

    Such a wealth of information #facts!

  • Tripod Threefoot 11 months ago

    Народ України має пам’ятати про Афганістан, де росіяни з їхньою військовою могутністю були розгромлені простою армією, вбито понад 17 тисяч росіян. Не кидайте цю боротьбу, Україна – ваша власність і її потрібно захищати будь-якою ціною.

    Narod Ukrayiny maye pamʺyataty pro Afhanistan, de rosiyany z yikhnʹoyu viysʹkovoyu mohutnistyu buly roz·hromleni prostoyu armiyeyu, vbyto ponad 17 tysyach rosiyan. Ne kydayte tsyu borotʹbu, Ukrayina – vasha vlasnistʹ i yiyi potribno zakhyshchaty budʹ-yakoyu tsinoyu.

  • Songnian Chen 11 months ago

    Please check out “The Law on the Indigenous Peoples of Ukraine”, which is tantamount to cultural genocide. That’s what Putin means. The American media is a disgrace.

  • Jamie Skyler 11 months ago

    We stand with Russia ❤️🇷🇺

  • Anonimuse 11 months ago

    Of course Hitler-Putin would lie and say that Ukraine is run by Nazi’s when it is Putin who is the present day Hitler.
    That’s what Hitler would do.
    Putin has declared war on America. We can not undo this by wishful thinking or calls for diplomacy.
    Diplomacy has never won a war someone else has declared.

  • pydefml 11 months ago

    By “Nazi” Putin means everything Ukrainian – language, history and culture. By “Nazis” – those Ukrainians, who do not comply. By “De-Nazify” he means that all Ukrainians who refuse to comply are to be exterminated, and Ukrainian culture wiped out. He is planning a full-on genocide.

  • Erich Nussbaum 11 months ago

    Russia is like Donald Trump: If you expect the worst they even top it by far!

  • Antonio Ribeiro 11 months ago

    Julia is clearly well informed and balanced with her words, intelligent and engaging….and yes she’s classy and sexy and Milfy (I’d totally hit that)

  • Machismo 11 months ago

    How can you argue with the West? They rejected Putin’s Pan-Euro Peace Treaty in favor of adding Ukraine & Georgia to their anti-Russian arsenal. Refused to tell Ukraine to implement the UN Minsk peace deal. Instead poured arms into Ukraine so they could resume their invasion of the Donbass. Yet cry that Russia is anti-peace.

  • ykcir nhoj 11 months ago

    They often just take a little bit of truth and spin it in to this cotton candy of lies.”

    who does that oh everyone

  • Cynde Sadler 11 months ago

    She is great.

  • Leanne Vande Kew 11 months ago

    Putin is the Gender Reveal for insanity.

  • Prenna 11 months ago

    A lot of Westerners have drunk the “Ukraine is a Nazi state” kool-aid too

  • Sana K. 11 months ago

    A pretty good take on the situation.

  • George Bourlos 11 months ago

    history repeats itself: this version of Russia is reminiscent of 1914 Char Nikolai the 2nd ‘s version… Putin is the Char and is about to be overthrown by a hungry mob of demonstrators

  • Pattern Recon 11 months ago

    Kieth Woods: “russian” oligarchs

    Great russian famine, Holodomor, Famine in Khazakhstan, Lazar Kaganovich, Genrikh Yagoda, Aron Solts, Filipp Goloshchyokin, Yakov Rappoport, Lazar Kogan, Matvei Berman, Naftaly Frenkel.

    Ereget Raschi Erod.22 30
    Baba Mezia 114b
    Libbre David 37
    Sabba Mecia 114,6.
    Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 56-D.
    Tosefta. Aboda 8, 5,
    Schulchan Aruch, Jore Dia

  • Left Box Anderson 11 months ago

    The argument that nazis and the far right are a minority of the power structure within the Ukraine because the current president is Jewish. Is akin to saying the USA isn’t an anti-black country because it elected obama as president.

    Now imagine Mitch McConnell was a self proclaimed nazi in his youth and the Proud Boys we’re officially used to oversee polling centers in Alabama, then we’re incorporated into the Alabama’s national guard and inducted into the US Army as a special regiment.

    Surely the country isn’t one entirely governed by nazis but clearly there is a comfortability and promotion of literal Neo nazis within the society.

  • Deimante Vilnius 11 months ago

    Putin always showed and said what he will do. As she said, he was consistent. It’s the West that is in constant denial. Now he’s saying he will recreate the eastern soviet block – what will you all do to prevent that? Rathet than hidding heads in the sand

  • C Rutherford 11 months ago

    So we can expect a political purge once Putin has control, to ‘cleanse the country of NAZIs’. Which also conveniently, establishes dicto-control over Ukraine by arresting and jailing any resistance. Or as seems to happen with Putin, jailing and then poisoned prison rations. sweet.


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