Gutfeld: We all saw this coming

Published on December 9, 2021

‘Gutfeld!’ panel discusses the incentives of decriminalization and the release of the Fox Christmas tree arsonist
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  • anthony gilio 2 years ago

    E por Jesus ter nacido nuna manjedoura com o que representa a naturesa em volta,mas nada mais do 1ue isso

  • Powell Lucas 2 years ago

    That dance routine is enough to drive a pig away from the trough.

  • Michael Semler 2 years ago

    that was a shear lunatic act Actually I think the guy is disappointed he wasn’t locked up…..

  • Michael Semler 2 years ago

    SOooo; Make an event out of it, put on a small re-enactment and have food and stuff commemorating that foolish but thought- provoking act.

  • Snake Plissken 2 years ago

    Harold Ford Jr. was was good in Seinfeld.

  • Jeffrey McGillivray 2 years ago

    Kat has lice, and she does meth. Lol

  • samantha peterson 2 years ago

    It’s duche lol

  • Steve Bauer 2 years ago

    Did some one here mention beating off like CNN at 8:18

  • Raymond lorts sr 2 years ago

    Mlo it us pop oil in pop pop pop lol lol lol lip

  • janet price 2 years ago

    Bring back Gutfield.

  • Byron Williams 2 years ago

    mad man look like he like jail . if you know what i mean .

  • Jean Wetherbee 2 years ago

    What the f is happening to my country.

  • Duane Dorman 2 years ago

    My favorite part of the show is his introduction of his guests. Especially the introduction of Kat Timpf

  • Beverly Looper 2 years ago

    I don’t think they are trying to cure mental illness I think they are trying to create it

  • Neil Gruber 2 years ago

    That tree is hideous.

  • Joe Houck 1 year ago

    Give him a treat treat Kat. You are all funny.

  • Victory Crosby 1 year ago

    Mondo day toots day whence day thirst day fried day “weekend daze”REPEAT. Work suffer die…AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!!! AND OWN NOTHING!!! BUT YOU WILL STILL OWE THEM!!!and then there’s build back better SUFFERERS.THERE ARE NO UNTAXED SURVIVORS..

  • john baird 1 year ago

    We paid for it twice.

  • adamo deo 1 year ago

    the political prisoners of jan6 were denied bail! go to hell demos!


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