Trump Whines About “King Donald” Kids Book & Fox News Screams About Biden’s Appearance on Kimmel

Published on June 6, 2022

President Biden will be joining us on the show Wednesday and it has given the gang at Fox News something to scream about all week, Donald Trump is busy whining about a children’s book by Kash Patel named “The Plot Against the King” getting its ad campaign banned by Google, Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 70th year as Queen and they created a special hologram to mark the occasion, Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas is mad that Republicans can’t even lie anymore, Dr. Oz is now officially the Republican candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania and Oprah seems to have some regrets about the monster she helped create, and we try to identify mysterious objects in a game called “What Is This Thing?”

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  • Christopher Holst 1 year ago

    Like.. opening the cooch.

  • Thanos Fonias 1 year ago

    “Democracy isn’t really their thing” says the guy from the country that has staged several coups and has decided to install a puppet in place of an elected leader..

  • Childcrone 1 year ago

    Not really a summit of the Americas if not all are invited. It’s just a sit down at the table, isn’t it?

  • Maria Malakoff 1 year ago

    Get my mail in time mr.gommer it arrives 15 days late.

  • bart2019 1 year ago

    Trump was on Fox every day. But Biden appealing on Kimmel is insanity…

  • Eric d'Peerik 1 year ago

    I was waiting for the audience to start chanting “squeeze his balls!”. It’s a good campaign chant to teach people

  • worthless trash 1 year ago

    That Gomert bit is, hilariously, the most honest thing a Republican ever said 😀

  • Maria Malakoff 1 year ago

    A music instrument.

  • Gary 1 year ago

    Slippers and a candle??? Do you know how many years I had to suffer watching doctor Oz in the lunch room? 7 that’s how many, it may have factored into me leaving. So maybe 2 pairs of slippers?

  • MultiLaughs88 1 year ago

    Shout out to England for having a party for a woman who was too old and tired to show up

  • Chris Li Loia 1 year ago

    Why did _’FOX NEWS’_ describe President Joe Biden going on _”Jimmy Kimmel Live!”_ as _”the land of insanity in which we all live”???_
    Several _P.O.T.U.S’s_ have gone on late shows during their presidency… so what’s the problem with this President doing so?
    Jimmy’s right… it’s _LITERALLY_ just something for _FOX NEWS_ to yell and scream about… it’s sad and pathetic on _FOX NEWS’_ part… _EXTREMELY SAD AND PATHETIC!!!_

    …anybody else agree with me???

  • Will VM 1 year ago

    Kash Patel was also aide to Devin Nunes, and was appointed by Trump as chief of staff to the Acting United States Secretary of Defense under President Donald Trump, after Trump lost reelection in 2020. I wonder if Trump had a good reason for the appointments he made after his election loss.

  • Catherine Westholt 1 year ago

    Trump is so laminated with Teflon that he will continue to slip and slide through everything. It is the most putrid disservice to justice.

  • vero crove 1 year ago

    Happy Groomer’s month!

  • C 1 year ago

    If only all these right wing nutjobs calling out Jimmy for making fun of Trump, would call out there elected officials the same way. A billionaire who came down from his ivory tower, got off his high horse and all of a sudden is a good Christian man of god fighting for the average American. And now the second coming is Elon musk. A man who dedicated his career to eventually replace fossil fuels, the one industry that these nuts support the most. Trump turned his back on the people that stormed the Capitol and somehow its Pelosi’s fault and the corrupt FBI. I mean, how stupid can u be? And from now on when Democrats win an election they’re gonna call it voter fraud. All because that rich spoiled baby cant take a loss.

  • Robert allan 1 year ago



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