Gutfeld: These employees have a coward of a boss

Published on June 7, 2023

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists discuss Lululemon’s CEO standing by his decision to fire two employees who attempted to stop thieves from stealing merchandise from an Atlanta-based store. #foxnews #fox #gutfeld

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  • Boris The Blade 6 months ago

    I wouldn’t have thought straight men actually shop Lululemon although Jesse Watters did say he likes there yoga pants for men, not surprisingly.

  • Ben 6 months ago

    We need steing bosses! Men! Donald Trump. Rupert Murdoch. Rudi Giuliani.
    Proper men who know hiw to treat people! (Especially beautiful ladies 🙂

  • Ben 6 months ago

    Hey, Imagine if you were in trouble and Gutfeld was there. Reckon he’d be brave?…. Hmmmm.

  • Sylvia Jamison 6 months ago

    Woman wearing yoga pants attacked me and viciously tore my heel blood vessels and tendency. Not I can’t walk very well without a brace boot!!!!!

  • Ben 6 months ago

    Is that the face of a friend that would look after you?…Hmmmmm.

  • Bobo TheCryptoHobo 6 months ago

    Most if not all companies with a store front has the give it all up and step back guideline that they are told in training is an immediate termination no matter what the situation if you don’t follow the policy to a T. It’s to prevent someone from costing other people their lives. part of the smaller reason with it, is because insurance covers only the items, real property and cash. Other avoidable loss is not. So it’s best to let an arm full of 5 dollar yoga pants (at cost) and up to 250 bucks in the till go and only asking if they would like a bag for their stolen property so they can carry it easier. Now if the employee had left thousands in the till because they neglected to adhere to cash drop policy, that’s a different story. Depending on the amount, mgmt actions would be from “You owe the store” the overage amount you neglected to take out, suspension for an amount of time without pay, demotion (if properly holding leadership), reduction of hrs for the employee, the employees shift is switched, barring the employee from the till or any number of things that would properly fit the situation along with a write-up and last warning before termination.

    I was robbed at gunpoint 2x when I was the GM at two different restaurants before I decided to find another career, and though no one was injured, the first time I had 30+ employees working and they had 3 people to control different areas. I tried to get all 3 gunmen to train on me as I was the one they wanted ultimately but they preferred a zone defense over man to man. So it became extremely important for me to get them in and out with what they wanted in tow to avoid any aggravation and to limit the time that employees have to become brave and endanger their lives, other employee’s lives and customers lives. They were quick and I got them door to door in 4 mins. You also are or should be told to act like everyone has a firearm while committing a crime like that because they generally will, even smash n grabs. The one you underestimate will always be the exception to the pattern you see.

    This situation in particular where stores are developing repeating business by not changing ANYTHING in placement or process don’t deserve to have a store as that falls on the insurance industry and I wouldn’t imagine they would be insurable after so many claims. If they don’t care you shouldn’t either. Funny thing is though… if you bagged up the same amount of stuff at the frequency is happening and took it home you’d probly be fired. Then in some states could sure for wrongful termination ROFL.

  • Ben 6 months ago

    If he was an actor Gutfeld would only play corporate sycophants that the audience isnt suposed to like.
    His face!
    Creepy eyes. Fake smile. Uncaring ears.

  • Wolf Down 6 months ago

    So the argument is you want employers who min wage these people to encourage employees to die for their products.

    Exaclty what an extreme right person would say and want. And im a conservative. Asking people to put themselves in harms way for work are usually highly protected and there is huge oversight for those jobs. Licences training etc. ..

    But you’re saying

    I want you to give up your life for the pants made for pennies.

    All while in a mansion safe. I want Your children to grow up without parents all for min wage and no benifets.

    The value you are placing is in the clothes not the employee.

    We had a industrial revolution to stop employers from using their employees as chattle.

    Employees who
    are paid and trained like security are the people for this. Not a teenage cashier.. comon….

    far right endgame = slavery to private owners

    Far left endgame = slavery to the government.

    I mean is this how you really feel????

  • Maiden Minnesota 6 months ago

    I love how so many of these retailers have a security department, loss prevention employees, guards, etc., but they’re afraid to use them.

  • Ry Enis 6 months ago

    Sure wouldn’t want Calvin in a trench with me in a war zone. What a COWARD

  • Mr. Jones 6 months ago

    Men should not be selling yoga pants.

  • Gus VonStupen 6 months ago

    If its “just merchandise” then give it away for free. Why pay for it?

  • Edward Gabel 6 months ago

    The employees should have asked the robbers if they wanted a bag.

  • The Hangarmen 6 months ago

    Thank you for saying, “raises the question” instead of, “begging the question”. Thank you. Thank you Gutfeld.

  • Johnny Football 6 months ago

    we all need to vote for Tim Scott!!

  • Anim8tor&Fiddler 6 months ago

    Evidently this gutless boss is more concerned about nuisance B.S. lawsuit from CRIMINALs robbing his store, than about employees and profits. Such Loyalty to the Staff!!! Why would anyone want to keep working for someone who does NOTHING to prevent the corporations’ stores from being robbed?
    *_”The Insurance Companies will cover it.” Moron,_* the Insurance companies have to make a profit, TOO!, They ALSO have to answer to shareholders, and if some half-fast CEO thinks Insurance Companies are an inexhaustible Fountain of CASH, look at how abruptly the Insurers STOPPED offering FIRE coverage for California homes…


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