Joe Biden Curses Fox News Reporter, China’s Covid Crackdown & The SAT’s Go Digital | The Daily Show

Published on January 25, 2022

Joe Biden calls Fox reporter a “stupid SOB,” China scrambles to contain Covid before the Winter Games, and the S.A.T gets a digital upgrade. #DailyShow




  • CK Chatta 2 years ago

    That cdc comment is on point. Just learned today that if you have covid then you must atleast spend 5 days in quarantine…. didnt it used to be that if you were just exposed to covid that there was a 14 day quarantine

  • Farai Chivunga 2 years ago

    9:46 is he wearing different color shoes

  • Ron Crocker 2 years ago

    The man on the moon

  • dazedu222 2 years ago

    He should have apologized for the second part of the insult because it was a bit presumptuous and not the first part which was obvious.

  • FinGeek 2 years ago

    No jokes aside, the SAT should have a similar testing design to the Cisco certifications, but with a similar knowledge base like what the ASVAB has. This would help the college recruiters place students in a degree program that they are suited for – or at least, which classes they should take before they get on their degree path.

  • Paul Ranger 2 years ago

    I have never heard Joe Biden call the press the enemy of the people like Trump did many times. Yet, FOX NEWS is the enemy of the truth.

  • Werebear 77 2 years ago

    please cut your hair

  • SPIKETHiS (overfLo) 2 years ago

    *Key point: They had just called the meeting.* He kindly excused them, it was over. A respectful silence as they walked out, until a sudden outburst from the reporter. (That’s where this clip starts.) It’s a cheap tactic and also annoys other reporters.. it’s like cutting in the grocery store line. Besides that, the question was silly and rhetorical.
    I thought it was great to see the president’s first pulse of 2022. lol
    The original unedited clip has the voice of the reporter super loud and CLEAR, while joe’s voice was a bit of a whisper.. super low and muffled. The sound of all the reporters leaving was louder than the pres…. i bet someone else left a mic on… hahah. _The wonders of technology, enhancing audio._

  • PRADEEP SAHU 2 years ago


  • Azlin Kassim 2 years ago

    Better than grab em by the cat

  • Vinnie Syarif 2 years ago

    You can actually block those tabs, and even including all apps altogether except that SAT app. But it need so much deep level of access permission to your computer that’d make china look like a free country. Also that much being said, who’s gonna stop these guys to just use phone while taking the test anyway? Ouh and believe me, that thing works

  • Osibamowo Moyo 2 years ago

    Daily on ur volume thanks

  • XL Leona 2 years ago

    Trevor: I have always respected intelligence but you obviously know nothing about China.


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