So police alone can’t do the job in DC?: Gutfeld

Published on August 13, 2023

Greg Gutfeld and guests discuss how Washington D.C. is now considering bringing in the National Guard to help crime on ‘Gutfeld!’

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  • Dog Lover 7 months ago

    See the story in CA Nordstroms? Seems more like the 15%ers need to work on their behavior, and vote smarter

  • Mister Clusterphuck 7 months ago

    Federalizing turns into fascism

  • Don Don 7 months ago

    Second amendment

  • dumars 7 months ago

    A’s don’t even want to stay.

  • Ronnie Deyoung 7 months ago

    That’s what you get when you’re a sanctuary City oh yeah but there’s nothing wrong with our border

  • Elwood Anderson 7 months ago

    A fine representation of what’s wrong

  • Dan Daigle 7 months ago

    go democrats, love the problems you have brought upon yourselves, go democrats

  • Wesee Thetruth 7 months ago

    The cops don’t do their jobs they’re corrupt af and their neighborhoods reflect that corruption. Usually in places like this the population is a reflection of the leadership. 🤷‍♂️💯

  • Midoruto D. Izukumaki 7 months ago

    You never know when the next MAGA insurrection will occur so why not have the guard on duty.

  • gamingJ1701 7 months ago

    you voted for the democrat utopia, so enjoy yourself now. 🤣 live with the consequences. Common sense is racist 🤣

  • A 7 months ago

    Joe has it exactly right. They want the chaos so they can have a need to call for militaristic police state.

  • Kelli K 7 months ago

    Tyrus spitting facts as usual!

  • Rael1974 7 months ago

    I watched what occurred in DC on J6. I’ll never forget that brave MAGA man beating a Capitol police officer with an American flag pole while other MAGA’s were dragging the guy down the Capitol steps. Over 1,000 Capitol rioters have been charged so far and that number is still climbing. Their king will pay a heavy price for his role, and hopefully he will spend the rest of his miserable life behind bars. Only then, will he finally Make America Great Again.

  • icabob crane 7 months ago

    Vote democrit and then cry about it. Are you stupid !

  • Debbie DeLoach 7 months ago

    They scream enough is enough but the very minute they have to stop one of them from killing them, we are handing them a blank check. Well that fixes the problem for whoever it gets made out to I guess!!!
    And I don’t mean them as in BLACK , I mean them as in city dwellers….

  • jagmohan gill 7 months ago

    Let them reap what they have sown
    And reap the whirlwind
    Enjoy kings and queens

  • Galveston Fossils 7 months ago

    The national guard??? It couldn’t even be approved to protect the capital during the insurrection!!! The situation must be dire!?!?

  • Alberto Colunga 7 months ago

    😆 🤣 you MF cried defund the police remember!!! Idiot!!! Boohoo please help me. Fucken idiot!!

  • Glenn Cronise 7 months ago

    They have exactly what they voted for.

  • nanja01 7 months ago

    Stolen elections have consequences…


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