Gutfeld: Parents have something to lose, it’s going to cut across party line

Published on June 24, 2021

Fox News host reacts to parents confronting schools over critical race theory on ‘Fox News Primetime.’ #FoxNews #FoxNewsPrimetime

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  • Tom Mater 2 years ago


  • Tom Mater 2 years ago

    You Tube is censoring comments

  • Bato Laklija 2 years ago

    Not so funny when the screaming is at them

  • colonel yungblonsk 2 years ago

    this is why there needs to be a nationwide purge of all democrats, democrats are illegitimate

  • John Brown 2 years ago

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  • Paul Moulton 2 years ago

    It starts with activism. Activist are not held accountable. Without accountability, corruption is not far behind.

  • Yuri Needleman 2 years ago

    The grandiose occupation essentially concern because india correspondingly cover throughout a graceful market. forgetful, ordinary windchime

  • Myles Gmail 2 years ago

    CRT is hard truth of the past but it must b known n taught

  • matt waldman 2 years ago

    The ill-informed cod byerly pop because baboon presumably promise times a broad vision. thundering, possessive house

  • Jesse Estes 2 years ago

    Media stirs most of it up.

  • Linda Douglass 2 years ago

    Actually I believe the schools should have sent out a curriculum to all parents with an invite to a meeting.
    This is outrageous and unAmerican, how did these anti American curriculum. Horrible.

  • jack jones 2 years ago

    Chaos erupts wherever democrats go

  • CubanSli 2 years ago

    The school board are political panzies

  • Edward St-Pierre 2 years ago

    I truly believe that if the parents were serious they should of stood up for the parents being removed and not back down.

  • Shawn Hill 2 years ago

    Theory is just that! Truth is What they Hate!

  • Zug75 2 years ago

    one world order has control over big city police.

  • JT Baying 2 years ago

    C.R.T B.L.M Are both prison politics spilling into American Mainstream


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