Gutfeld: Eric Adams wants you to forget about the drugs and violence

Published on June 29, 2023

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists discuss New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ plans for mindful breathing exercises in schools. #foxnews #fox #gutfeld

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  • Pover of nature 8 months ago

    breathing is good for spreading of COVID but you Americans are vaccinated so its OK

  • zerochance1958 8 months ago

    What the F*** are ‘mindful breathing exercises’? Are kids today really so far gone that they need instruction in breathing? Did they forget how during the lockdowns?

  • Carmie Thompson 8 months ago

    US: Show us your books & expense reports Mayor Adams & the NY City Council!
    Response: HA! Don’t hold yer breath!

  • peace full 8 months ago

    White Maga Trash Gutfeld wants us to forget Racist White people!!!

  • Eric Gordon 8 months ago

    I usually love this show and still do, but as a student they take time for everything else, but not the mental health of the future? 2-5min? On this show u constantly point out the mental health of vital officials in our country, what if you could help why there still young so the loop breaks.

  • Chris 8 months ago

    Thank you DOUGLAS MURRAY!!

  • R W 8 months ago

    If this man spent 2 to 5 minutes keeping his mouth shut that would help. HE IS A LAUGHING STOCK!!! NOTHING he says is realistic. VOTE HIM OUT… He should be kicked out and never able to run again!!!

  • Jerry Hadler 8 months ago

    New york is going to criminalize eating beans and cabbage to save the air.

  • Antonio 8 months ago

    Supreme Court Rejects a Republican Effort to Hijack Elections. Mother Jones, 6/27/23

  • OrangeJumpsuit 8 months ago

    MTG is a trans man. Look it up. He was born ‘Matthew Taylor Greene’ in Milledgeville, Ga., and became a woman undergoing surgery at Emory University Hospital.

  • Me Now 8 months ago

    Actually, breathing exercises are quite beneficial. However, they should not be a substitute for academic learning.

  • Deaddoc Really Deaddoc 8 months ago

    “We stole Yoga from India!” India has been using Yoga to seduce naive young Westerners for decades starting with The Beatles.

  • Geert Termeer 8 months ago

    It is so unjust that they attack Trump! We all know that Trump has the character of a 6 year old and the brain of a 5 year old, but still the Court judges him like an adult. That is insane and has to stop!

  • Ronal 8 months ago

    Everything but what the kids need.

  • Lucus Rose 8 months ago

    It’s correct that most kids won’t take this seriously, but there are cultures where this sort of thing is considered normal. They’ll do better in school and become the new “asians.”

  • sam griess 8 months ago

    Marrakech Compact


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