Monologue: Return of the Mask | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on July 31, 2021

Bill recaps the top issues of the week, including the renewal of mask mandates, and unveils a new addition to his wardrobe.

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  • Dylan 2 years ago

    So obviously he couldn’t see when he was picking out the glasses.

  • Mary Martin 2 years ago


  • Linda Renaud 2 years ago

    Bill has always been anti-mask.

  • kk P 2 years ago

    looks more respectable with glasses

  • Bar Baryn 2 years ago

    Real Time with Jeff Goldblum?

  • DarkFact 2 years ago

    And we are back with anti-science Bill

  • Bert Nijhof 2 years ago

    Bill Maher your glasses look great. Now you see the thing sharper, you can return to being the old funny comedian instead of a grumpy old millionaire.

  • RUSTY REPAIRS 2 years ago

    Hey, is that a Rick Perry costume??

  • CLINTON JONES 2 years ago

    get the X-RAY glasses …or wireframe …or prescription ski goggles
    …horn-rim makes you look serious …you are a comedian …how about contact lenses

  • Dee Ess 2 years ago

    I think the CDC had to come up with a reason to get everyone to wear a mask again because too many people were claiming they were vaccinated when in reality they weren’t. Without a vaccine passport (you can’t travel internationally without one, BTW), there isn’t a way to check if someone is truthful. So they needed a way to get everyone to put the masks back on because of a certain amount of people who are not honest.

  • danimal 2 years ago

    the hand clap bill lol

  • gspendlove 2 years ago

    Bill is so brave.

  • V Ling 2 years ago

    Tuberculosis patients have worn masks for decades. It’s helpful to stop not infectious particles, but the liquid droplets the agents are suspended in. I get that the policy side of things can turn out WEIRD or useless in practice, like the rules in restaurants, but the actual mask mechanics are well known.


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