Trump’s Crimes Keep Adding Up, Giuliani Can’t Actually Prove Election Fraud & Disaster for DeSantis

Published on April 13, 2023

The Bulls pulled off a crazy come from behind win over the Raptors thanks to Demar Derozan’s daughter, Donald Trump was in court in New York City and lashed out at Attorney General Letitia James on Truth Social, he was reportedly showing off a classified map to people who did not have security clearance, he filed a lawsuit against his former lawyer Michael Cohen for $500 million for breaching the terms of his NDA, he’s publishing a book of private notes that people have written to him over the years, Ron DeSantis is trailing behind Trump in recent polls, Jury selection has begun in the case of Dominion Voting systems vs Fox News, the White House wants to put measures in place to test ChatGPT bots before they are released, a Senator named Mike Moon made a doozy of an argument while defending a bill that would block transgender kids from getting healthcare, we take to Hollywood Blvd and ask men walking by questions about what they know about the female body.

About Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Jimmy Kimmel serves as host and executive producer of Emmy®-nominated “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” ABC’s late-night talk show. Some of Kimmel’s most popular comedy bits include “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets,” “Lie Witness News,” “Unnecessary Censorship,” “Halloween Candy YouTube Challenge,” and music videos like “I (Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum.”

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  • SAL MARINO 8 months ago

    You have to try harder than that Kimmel to discredit TRUMP …LOL

  • Poppa Capinyoaz 8 months ago

    As a man, I’m glad I can say I knew all the answers to the womanly queations, but I am 40+

  • J STINKERBOY 8 months ago

    TRUMP’S CRIMES ARE THAT HE STANDS UP AGAINST THE LIES AND DECEIT OF THE WOKE LEFT. This tv host makes his living pretending to be a comedian. The joke is that he uses canned laughter. He really isn’t funny and uses splice and dice to prop him up. But hear is one for him. “HE WHO LAUGHS LAST, LAUGHS BEST.” DONALD TRUMP

  • bountzee 8 months ago

    videos are blurry and unfocused for 3 days

  • Scott M Wilhelms 8 months ago

    Never been a big basketball fan yet always questioned why the top professionals of the world have such issues with a FREE throw. A secretary who types at a 20% error rate would be fired. Someone else would type up her pink slip.

  • mmjackk 8 months ago

    Trump’s book is the best book ever. Get it, you won’t regret it. He has the best words. It has lots of classified material, exclusive for the book’s readers. Courtesy of the US government. It’s a great book to take to the bathroom. It’s the perfect golden toilet companion (the book has a gold cover, of course). Gets your bowels dancing. Stronger than Ivermectin and even bleach.

  • Reptilian Overlord 8 months ago

    That kid screaming at the basketball game needs to be taught how not to act like an animal in public.

  • Bob Loomis 8 months ago

    That ain’t the half of it. Missouri, the most well-known Slave State of the North also voted to defund ALL libraries in the state because librarians refused to ban 300 selected books. Now there’s real Communism in action!.

  • Liñda Snowden 8 months ago

    When you said Trump came out with a book about letters I thought it was about the alphabet.

  • Dai Nguyen 8 months ago

    why these channels like Kimmel or Falon… always anti-the president Trump, I dont get it?

  • Jeff McCrea 8 months ago

    There are some people who will plead guilty to anything. tRUMP could plead guilty to…… EVERYTHING and there would be no appeal because it’s all true.

  • Winchesta 8 months ago


  • Bashou EX 8 months ago

    more of a woody allen


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