Gutfeld: Did Congressman George Santos perform in drag?

Published on January 20, 2023

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists react to Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., denying reports that he once performed as a drag queen named Kitara in Brazil.
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  • twalrus1 11 months ago

    George Santos in drag is ten times better looking than Marjorie Taylor Greene.
    Was Marjorie born a woman??

  • OG_LuDaChRiS 11 months ago

    One day closer to the geezer packing it in is a good day. Enjoy it.

  • TO INFINITY AND BEYOND Mann 11 months ago

    No he can’t be, he was in Antartica for an international summit on the melting glaciers representing the US.

  • T C H 11 months ago

    It is a sad moment to watch Fox making fun about something so serious like this fraudster. Whom in this congress can we still trust in the Republican Party, with so many liars around. Forget about Ilmar Omar. Trying to move this shame on democratic ground is ridiculous. The Republican party should get rid of this guy immediately and rebuilt trust.

  • paul hingorani 11 months ago

    Santos is the best politician next to the comedian in Ukraine

  • TO INFINITY AND BEYOND Mann 11 months ago

    George Santos, is the kind of swamp Republicans love. He should beTrump’s VP running mate.

  • Dennis Reed 11 months ago

    Shouldn’t matter, Virginia’s ex governor preformed in black face and even black leaders forgave him. Of course he was a Democrat.

  • Seabreeze Blank 11 months ago

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  • Ironically Vague 11 months ago


  • Jimmy survivor 11 months ago

    WHY DIDNT ANY OF THESE DOUCHEBAGS TALK ABOUT TRUMPS TAXES .. OR JAN 6TH… ?? BUT BRING UP HATRED TO OTHERS… @fbi @cia @dod @dhs watch the language..when is enough enough for white supremacists propaganda live on air..

  • Jose Flores 11 months ago

    Bring him on the show

  • Curtis Taylor 11 months ago

    Doing drag, but not having the glamor, is like smoking grass but not inhaling

  • pjm57 11 months ago

    Gutfeld et al here so condecending plum in the mouth! Full circle. Karma yes. Where’s Tucker? Bruh hah hah hahah huh oh ah…….

  • no name 11 months ago

    Keep voting for the people they offer. Its helping tons.

  • T10Clay Tempered 11 months ago

    Santos was and is a bribed DNC plant. Just as the Biden papers/cover up get horribly interesting and sick, this jerk starts acting as cover to pull the “press” off of Operator Magoo. It’s working too. Physically pull this RINO out of the Halls if necessary, make him resign ASAP. Thanks again NY voters.

  • Linda Jones 11 months ago

    Santos, please resign.

  • Luigi Buscemi 11 months ago

    greg, san mateo wants you to make us an omelet

  • ArisaemaTriphyllum 11 months ago

    Apparently conservatives are perfectly fine with drag when it’s one of them. They don’t cry about trump motor boating Guiliani in drag or Steven Crowder in drag. They even defend George Santos in drag but if it’s someone on the left in drag – republiCONS tell you to terrorize them. RepubliCONS are the hypocrites Jesus warned about.


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