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Published on December 21, 2023

The MAGA crowd vowed revenge on President Biden after the Colorado Supreme Court ruled Trump can’t be on the primary ballot, Rudy Giuliani was ordered to immediately pay the $148 million he owes two Georgia election workers, and The Late Show’s new sponsor makes a creepy holiday product for grown ups. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • @robertomichael2008 5 months ago

    Wonderful job great the best one of the year the writers did a great job

  • @BlackWater_49 5 months ago

    7:07 That might be Dutch not definitely not German as you’ll NEVER find an _o_ directly followed by an _ö_ in any German word.

    PS: It’s actually _Penisruptur._

  • @reamoinmcdonachadh9519 5 months ago

    Saturnalia is NOT a Pagan Holiday!! It was a ROMAN Holiday, and was the ONLY Holiday where Slaves and ordinary citizens could rule it over their Masters and Betters for the Duration of the Holiday.

  • @moonstoneway2694 5 months ago

    😊😊😊🕺🕺🕺 makes me laugh every time.

  • @BlackClaws 5 months ago

    Save America: Disband the GOP.

  • @HALOSnHORNS 5 months ago

    Awwweee thank you for noticing us who celebrate differently 🥰

  • @thomasdeas1941 5 months ago

    Balance of Nature, another product I will not ever consider buying.

  • @mikewritz 5 months ago

    Where exactly does Desantis find time to govern his actual state if he’s spending all his time visiting all 99 counties in Iowa? Gov of FL is obviously a do nothing job, just don’t say gay.

  • @joannejohnson7006 5 months ago

    You happy dance for us all 😂

  • @Un4Giv3n_To 5 months ago

    I hope they get Biden off the ticket, we have a better chance of winning without him.

  • @danielmaher7108 5 months ago

    I am so glad that you are back, Stephen.

  • @ObiWanCannabi 5 months ago

    You want some liberal truth, from the heart?

    How much are we gonna pay to fix their messes, when its 10 companies that own the food chain, that poison us and tell us they are sorry and rebrand, they are all owned by the same few banks and investment firms, blackrock to name one, all having a few politicians in their pocket. They poison you with one product and sell you the cure with a sister company, then tell us we are the problem the world is broken, its not Nestle stealing the water, or corporations that would run free without boundaries, its us the people, the savage criminals in the neglected parts of society it neglected and forgot to invest in then wonders why it looks like shit.

    Seems to me (knowing they can’t cover our pensions) that it would be easier for them if we died before retirement age, and yeah its going great for them not us. I had a heart attack at 42, 3 weeks before my birthday

    We are all just victims of their greed, they need our taxes our blood, sweat and money, but yeah dont get angry or they will make you seem like the threat who needs to be jailed, they need it all to live the lives they are accustomed to, so they can argue about what needs to happen and never do anything that needs to be done, because they can do this eternal blame game instead of investing the money into the people, why rush eh, they have no real worries in life

    99.5% of the leaders of the free world (Congress) are religious only 0.5% are atheist, aint it great seeing the pope saying they finally accepting same sex marriages, like we need to fit their social standard of what is normal… its not all just a system of oppression, a world based on bias and intolerance is it, making us foot the bill for their endless list of mistakes. Because they wont pay any taxes

    They all start off as decent people until they get into those positions where people become a number, just a statistic, I wonder if the job attracts psychopaths or makes them… anyway its great seeing them lose their shit because the next generation has no social boundaries. They are tearing up their old rule books on what people need to look like, and they are freaking the fuck out. They are still withholding real pockets from womens clothing for some reason, holding them to standards men wouldnt do, because it was easy to identify a woman and keep her out of the workplace, now its just a social stigma women are forced to adhere to.. Society is pushing back hard tho isnt it, its men too scared to like a dudes ass or grabbing one by the pussy by mistake, let a woman have pockets and blend in to a crowd if they like, and a man look fabulous if he wants to go thru that kind of self abuse..

    Imagine if united against oppression that tells you how to be a human being in a world that only knows how to specialise as cattle for taxation. Imagine iF we went after their religion or law books eh, a world where congress was full of Frank Zappas and George Carlins, instead of Lindsay Grahams and Mitch McConnells. in my day they couldn’t handle hoodies or people that smoked weed, we were left out of all the good jobs. all it took was a criminal record and its easy to make a criminal out of someone in poverty, cheap labour if you can get them into a jail tho eh 😉

    Our greatest achievements happen just after they lose their authority over the people, when Rome collapsed we had the old renaissance period, when Napoleon removed the monarchy by force we got a new renaissance period, Both times of art and music science and culture, they still listen to the music produced by these free living folks, their artwork hung on their walls like prized possessions, they forget what it took to make them. The blood that went into that freedom, they blanked out bibles and used them as canvas and new books for people, wealth redistributed to the people and knowledge was encouraged. I wonder if they pay 50 million for their art because they like it, or its a reminder not to let us get ideas..

    For me the best times for music was the 70’s, people were coming back from Vietnam and they were crushed by the illusions of society, the people made music full of expression and freedom and we still sing the songs while forgetting the lyrics and meanings behind the anthems, but it influenced so many minds.

    The times people are allowed to express themselves are the times we move forward as people, they would still be owning slaves if no one rocked the boat

    1 man 2 Joe Bidens back made Germany a threat to their order, and we owe him our lives for giving birth to the scientific standard of testing and germ theory. He challenged one of the respected books of the time, medicine, telling the dirty bastards to wash their hands, and they lost their shit killing him in a mental institute at the age of 46 or so.. They went to war with Europe to stop that spread of expressionism and freedom Europe had without monarchies in control, and handed their empire over to the USA, they can make anyone into a monster to keep their order, and history will be written to forget your name, Wikipedia doesnt mention Ignaz Semmelweis on the page about the 19th century, but we are alive thanks to him, people like him took us to the moon and none of it would have happened with the church getting in the way. It was all for the war machine tho eh, so they used their scientists and free thinkers and made a new world around their order. Drowning the world in this ponzie fiat debt, so we police ourselves and observe all the paywalls they put up to life. Enjoying it thru a TV or video game because you know you will never get to experience it for real. How many people never hit their potential because society never invested or believed in them, how many died in other peoples wars, or never had the education to get a foot in the door. They need us pushing buttons not asking questions, our lives in the open while theirs is hidden, keeps us easy to control. Rock the boat they can take everything you have, Mel Gibson your career, Kanye West your reputation, its just that easy when their crimes are redacted, they still wear their wigs in the UK that used to cover their lice and stank.

    Imagine if we forced them to use the same medicine books that are written at the same time they wrote their books of god, they still believe in one, just not the other. Modern minds pushed back their lies..

    But no one cares, its too much to read, it wont effect you until its you that is unemployable. Living on the streets in your car while you hold down full time employment thats just not enough. This is the society we think we deserve, all for the greater good. We couldnt do better by starting again from scratch could we, a new set of law books in English not Legalese, all in the open, same standards for all. We couldnt do better now than they have done amending the rules that keep us down now for generations, going back what 3000 years for Judea. All fairytales about god to keep their order and control over masses of populations who are easy to make angry, they are only afraid of us in large numbers and we are so easily divided, you can’t even agree on one set of laws, or abortion rights, the most basic human right, control over your own body. Legal drug markets would crush their empires and free so many people from debt slavery. But we are just a game to them, we finance the show and we don’t care to watch, easier to skip the cutscenes than to follow a long boring story, especially when what you do has no impact

    You never know what inspired the people who did change the world, the little influences that led to them being remembered, we are mostly white noise to them

  • @marketads1 5 months ago

    Stephen’s dance…Hanukkah leprechaun?

  • @davedon260 5 months ago

    What’s wrong with Kelly a’s hair? An immigrant trying very hard to please Americans?

  • @jenrosejenrose7417 5 months ago

    The reason we do artificial trees is that we’re flat out allergic to the real ones, and don’t want to spend the holidays with sinusitus.

  • @scottwebster695 5 months ago

    Max Schreck 1922 Nosferatu (silent film) Count Orlok is the scariest/creepiest vampire of all time.
    100 years later Rudy Giuliani is giving Max Schreck some competition.

  • @antonychipman3088 5 months ago

    Ahem… longest day of the year in Oz lol

  • @STARBLADE679 5 months ago

    This must be where the libs gather to reinforce their collective TDS and debauchery.

  • @cry2love 5 months ago

    Editor of Stephen Colbert, put his face in the circular profile picture instead of the name of the show of you want more views.

  • @howhow88 5 months ago

    So funny 🎅🏼


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