Fox News’s Christmas Tree Is Set on Fire & There May Be a Hut on the Moon | The Daily Show

Published on December 9, 2021

China’s moon rover spots a mysterious “hut” on the far side of the moon, someone set fire to Fox News’s Christmas tree, and Finland’s prime minister is out clubbing until 4am. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #FoxNews



  • Jason Luong 12 months ago

    Remember the Face of Mars? After years of hype about its Martian extraterrestrial origin, follow-up observation with higher resolution cameras showed it was just a dirt mount whose shadow makes it look like a face. The same with this Moon Hut. Just a rock.

  • Miguel Franco-Young 12 months ago

    I never thought a Christmas tree had all those meanings. Lol

  • mygrammieis 12 months ago


  • Accutronitis The 2nd 12 months ago

    It’s too bad is wasn’t Fox’s headquarters!

  • YOLO RORO 12 months ago

    Nice one ☝️

  • Kari Vierimaa 12 months ago

    Finland mentioned! Suomi mainittu!! #torille

  • Vicky B Artistry 12 months ago

    Your wrong! Joe is awake at 4 am cuz that’s what time he wakes up

  • Christophe Blanchi 12 months ago

    NYC should make Fox News want to leave. They are a cancer, they only foment hatred, division, sedition, QAnon, the Big Lie. Their COVID misinformation has killed 100s of thousands of American. They have killed more Americans than most American wars.

  • robert windle 12 months ago

    To bad the tree wasn’t in the Fox lobby

  • lothsper 12 months ago

    The tree is a pagan tradition that christains stole so yes the tree represents Christ very well

  • Orange Window 12 months ago

    Imagine if we spent money on helping the homeless instead of giant plastic decor that will be in A junkyard a few weeks later

  • James Dandy 12 months ago

    Trevor would be funnier if he wasn’t so political.

  • Rob Q 12 months ago

    I don’t feel safe take my kids to school.i don’t hear fox talking about it

  • Nelson Pushy 12 months ago

    “The rats have joined gangs” 😂😂

  • Mikael Lindroos 12 months ago

    Hi Trevor greets from Finland.I think we beet you 100-0 whom have the better looking leader(smarter too)

  • Chris Johnson 12 months ago

    I believe Lovecraft wrote a story or two about messing with unknown cosmic things…

  • Erika Comstock 12 months ago

    Amy Smart????

  • Beverly 12 months ago

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