Ethan Hawke Takes The Colbert Questionert – Part 2

Published on September 14, 2022

If you don’t know whether he prefers cats or dogs, or which is the most used app on his phone, do you really know Ethan Hawke? Find out in the conclusion of his soul-baring journey through The Colbert Questionert. #Colbert #EthanHawke #TheColbertQuestionert

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  • Lord Of The Reels 1 year ago

    If Doctor Who ever cast an American Doctor I’d love to see Hawke’s take.

  • odradekk 1 year ago

    I welled up a little at the end

  • Pharune 1 year ago

    I think Ethan Hawke might be my spirit animal.

  • Lucas Bender 1 year ago

    Love to hear Stephen’s genuine laughs and giggles 🙂

  • Josef Shopovich 1 year ago

    Definitely one of my favorite actors. I watch almost every movie he stars in. Freaking genius!

  • Vader 22 1 year ago

    It’s the first time Stephen didn’t deny what number he was thinking of.

  • Jay Kafei 1 year ago

    The most intelligent guest to do this with Stephen, just fantastic!!

  • MonkeyMonk2000 1 year ago

    FINALLY Die Hard gets mentioned!

  • Andrew Morales 1 year ago

    This is my favorite segment when guests treat the questions seriously like Mr. Hawke did. I’ve sprang some of these questions on my friends a few times, and it always leads to good conversation.

  • Patrick Andersen 1 year ago

    I watched the movie Alive when I was very young and loved it and still do. Then I saw Gattaca. He is very good at his craft.

  • JoAnne Weiss 1 year ago

    Ethan Hawke is an amazing, beautiful human being. Always brilliant with Stephen. Love his reply to the “die” question…..deep!

  • Tara Kolla 1 year ago

    This has got to be the best one yet.

  • Ralph Bumblus 1 year ago

    I gotta get famous so I can plug D4DJ

  • Jack 1 year ago

    Ethan Hawke just won the Colbert Questionaire…. Not only did he answer the best at the end, he also is the first to guess what number Colbert was thinking of….I mean, damn…he won if there was a winner.

  • Woody Balfour 1 year ago

    That Instagram/phone bit was pretty revealing…and scary…and…the great eater and eraser of time and connection…

  • bearzerger 1 year ago

    This is by far my most favourite Questionert ever.

  • Bonnie 1 year ago

    Bcos Stephen didn’t say yes to the number does that mean Ethan got it right

  • Review Guru 1 year ago

    Ethan really thought this was a real thing. Steven and Ethan have a great rapport. This was pure gold! Thanks guys.


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