Defending The Existence Of The U.S. Senate – Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Published on January 18, 2022

In the final part of her interview on The Late Show, Stephen challenges Sen. Warren to justify the very existence of the U.S. Senate in this era of filibuster-fueled gridlock. #Colbert #ElizabethWarren #SenatorWarren

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  • Pyladin 2 years ago

    Countries that have only “one house” instead of 2 or 3, are more flexible towards new threats/changes, while the USA with its 3 (house, senate, president) is very good to keep status que.

  • Laura 2 years ago

    What is sad is republicans are stopping our rights than spreading lies democrates cant get anything done shame on gop

  • John Salazar 2 years ago

    The fact that states such as Wyoming (population 578k) get the same amount of representation as my home state of Illinois (population 12.7 million) is absurd. If we were a true Democracy the Senate would not exist.

  • Nicholas Morrison 2 years ago

    Snake. Never forget.

  • deaunn 2 years ago

    I’m extremely discouraged by this interview. I LOVE Sen. Warren & voted for her in primary! But the message here was: “We can’t change voting rights; Republicans are doing everything they can to screw democracy & it’s working. So let’s vote them out!” HOW???

  • RockStarJazzCat 2 years ago

    As long as radically different sized populations of Wyoming and California get the same number of senators, the Senate has little to do with representative democracy.

  • Ryan Ridenhour 2 years ago

    She ignored the question couldn’t even imagine getting rid or why some people want it gone. Abolish the senate!

  • Hugh Graham 2 years ago

    Sen. Sinema can now just pivot and say she has reconsidered based on the facts and these arguments. She will then be forgiven.

  • Hernan Santos 2 years ago

    Eliminate the senate all together.

  • SuperFkv 2 years ago

    Corruptica long live

  • micamojo 2 years ago

    0:48 Is why I want this woman to watch over the bullshit

  • THOMAS MILLER 2 years ago

    Right, the Senate needs to get out of the way of good legislation (Remove the filibuster) and have every legislator have to go live on TV and the net when there is a vote to explain why they are voting yes or no on a bill and have what is in every bill listed on the screen next to them while they talk!

  • Land Deals 2 years ago

    Senate was designed to slow things down and prevent mob rule. It’s genius even when some can’t steam roll it.

  • Amber Zec 2 years ago

    I love how passionate she can get

  • HS Webb 2 years ago

    Get rid of the Senate but keep Warren.


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