Truth Bombs From Hasan Minhaj, Leslie Jones, Kal Penn & John Leguizamo | The Daily Show

Published on August 14, 2023

Words of advice from TDS guest hosts, including Leslie Jones on why people should fight for Planned Parenthood, John Leguizamo on speaking up for Latinx representation, Hasan Minhaj warns of television personalities’ financial advice and Kal Penn urges everyone to be a part of the solution. #AfterTheCut #DailyShow



  • DR1212 6 months ago

    Like the Guest hosts but miss Trevor

  • Cwalvin079 6 months ago


  • Scorobe Slavinpoop 6 months ago

    So many rehashed compilation videos instead of negotiating with the writer’s and actor’s. The WGA and SAG are saying if you want to show support for the writers and actors on strike you should spread awareness on social media, follow strike rules (no scabbing), and donate to the entertainment community fund. Solidarity!#WGAstrong

  • OcularZombie 6 months ago

    Kal Penn, our beloved Press Secretary of the Kirkman administration.

    (I’m only on season 2 please no spoilers)

  • Stephanie Brizard 6 months ago

    Many Latins take themselves out of the POC conversation when many consider themselves white. When everyone is truly ready to be part of the group, then we’ll thrive.

  • FUN JOY KNOWLEDGE 6 months ago

    O call Jhon le gazamoh Funny and creative 🤮

  • IEatTheBooty 6 months ago

    Pay the mfn writers

  • Tim Li 6 months ago

    Thank you to the team at The Daily Show for posting this video today! My godfather passed away one hundred and fifty three days ago due to lymphoma. This video has really brightened my day!

  • Jana A 6 months ago

    You’re so right John , just imagine if you were Native American.😢 Even less representation.

  • Willie Weed 6 months ago

    Not a word here is written by writers. But without them these shows wouldn’t exist. Well they don’t exist now but maybe one day again.


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