David Duchovny: UFOs and Alien Probing | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on August 5, 2022

David Duchovny shares his theory on why aliens probe the way they do.

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  • Just Dog 1 year ago

    The government is rebranding the UFO phenomenon hoping the public will focus on a few FLIR videos and some pilot eyewitness reports and conveniently forget that they’ve been lied to for over 70 years since the 1940s

  • Hit 'n' Run Guy 1 year ago

    They reveal themselves to Navy pilots in case they have to fight them? Then explain why the overwhelming number of people claiming to have had contact are overweight, attention seeking Americans. What is up their arses that the aliens fear so much?

  • DaKnytt 1 year ago

    Watched it as a kid and still have it in my PC right now…

  • Thomas B. Anderson 1 year ago

    xfiles mainplot was about a genetic vaccine, while xfiles spinoff “the lone gunman” predicted 911 in their pilot-episode

  • LazärheaD 1 year ago

    I still have the iconic “I want to believe” poster.

  • CUMBICA1970 1 year ago

    2:00 LOL That’s pretty much Superman 2 plot.

  • Nukeboy Nez 1 year ago

    Conspiracy theories and Ufos will always be relevant.

  • Neo Marilyn Monroe 1 year ago

    We need David on the Club Random Podcast!

  • PicoNano 1 year ago

    There is a cave art in Australia that depicts a flying saucer sitting on 3 legs with 2 beings standing beside it.
    It was carbon dated to 30,000 years ago! Many similar proofs exists around the world.
    They are Billions of years ahead of us. They see us as stupid violent apes. We have nothing they want. Even if we did, who will stop them from just taking it?
    They can destroy us without firing a shot. All they have to do, is divert a few hundred asteroids from our own asteroid belt with a gravity nudge, and they will head towards Earth.
    No sir. They have been studying us for eons. Maybe even made changes to or DNA! All the reports I’ve read from around the world, points to it.
    An advanced civilization doesn’t need a planet to live on. Planets are dangerous places and unstable. When you have the technology and all the energy you can use, you can make anything.
    When your ship repels everything around it, you can’t be hit by anything. Safer than any planet that you’ll have to leave behind anyways, or die with your star.

  • I Object 1 year ago

    They are here to find why we are so stupid.
    “If they treat each other like this, imagine what they’ll do to us?” one said to the other, while both shook their heads.

  • Snake Plissken 1 year ago

    Aliens are racist.

  • Jasper Freebird 1 year ago

    Plot twist: Bill was looking in the mirror the whole time

  • Elphin D. Blackforrest 1 year ago

    I miss Carl Sagan.

  • Vahid Farahani 1 year ago

    My thoughts on UFO has always been, if they have the technology to cross the vacuum of space and it’s dangers, why would they be afraid of our military, whom seems can’t even take a picture of their ships.
    Also, looking at our history, every time a civilization with more advanced technology encounters another one with inferior technology, they usually attacked and conquered them.
    The change to uap is an apt one. Because it removes the distraction of aliens from these unidentified objects.

    Also there already is a group of scientists looking for aliens, SETI. I belive them more than some pilot mistaking a bird for a space ship.

  • tedstriker2000 1 year ago

    um….through the 90’s every fkn tv show was – Conspiracies about Aliens and Governments 20yrs laters and the population doesnt trust your government and see conspiracies in everything


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