Biden Picks Budget Fight with GOP | A Bad Time to Work at Fox | Child Labor Laws Under Attack

Published on March 9, 2023

President Biden’s budget was deemed dead on arrival because the GOP wants deep cuts to assistance for poor Americans. Elsewhere, Fox News staffers call the environment their “soul crushing,” and Republicans are loosening restrictions on child labor nationwide.
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  • kc10man 9 months ago

    Still much cheaper then any college math text book that is just a couple questions different then last years.

  • Thomas Green 9 months ago

    Human trafficking made ok. When will these people be but in jail.

  • Manh Quan Hoang 9 months ago

    Abortion ban, history ban, child labor…Next stop, slavery I guess?

  • E K Daufin 9 months ago

    Wow! One after the other! Hot tonight!

  • Phoenix 9 months ago

    I don’t understand why people can’t see Republicans are evil and why anyone would want to be one. Now some jerk will leave a reply telling me actually I don’t know what I’m talking about but if that’s going to be you sit on it and spin.

  • Anthony Miele 9 months ago

    Erm, these aren’t the same letters that NARA wanted and started the whole document investigation over would they? He couldn’t be THAT dumb could he?

  • Bonnie Urso 9 months ago

    Let’s not kid ourselves these rich people made it legal? To abuse poor kids to work at their disgusting animal killing plants !!! I dare anyone to walk into one of those plants and see trump’s kid working on the line ,or Huckabee’s kids,or anyone of the republicans who pushed for these laws to be legal ?

  • Nugboy 420 9 months ago

    Lol at still blurring out -Drumpf- I love how he has only said it 1 or maybe 2 but I think only 1 time on monologues but sometimes he says it during intervention

  • blhtml 9 months ago

    Thank thee for saying fascists and friends!

  • Jesse Sauve 9 months ago

    Why are republicans so hateful of people down and out, oh ya they are ignorant.

  • Moonlight Pixie 9 months ago

    We must remember that Sarah Huckabee Sandors is the same one who made the statement a month after Uvalde when roe was overturned and I quote
    I just want babies In the womb to be as safe as children in the classroom.
    She said that on national TV.

  • coremaven 9 months ago

    Even if Biden’s budget was “give the rich everything” all republicans would still vote NO!

  • newrose24 9 months ago

    Joe is sucking us dry

  • Kathy Gann 9 months ago

    Last I looked; the us military budget was bigger than ALL the other countries in the world. Maybe we should start there. And what about our subsidies for companies that make BILLIONS in profit?

  • GamePapa 9 months ago

    Republicans are not even hiding the fact that their ultimate goal is to roll back everything to the 1800s where the white men reign supreme. They keep forgetting that back then not all white men are created equal. Just ask the Polish, Irish, and Italians what the “white men” did to them for not being white enough.

  • Hope Emch 9 months ago

    This loosening of child labor laws seems to complete the agenda for Republicans to find every possible way to attack anything that could make for a healthy productive society for everyone who threatens the power of the donor elite class. Children? Keep them uneducated, demoralized, bitter and ripe for manipulation against pro democracy forces.

  • Shifty Bat 9 months ago

    If we lower the work/age bar we can treat kids like adults and decriminalize all the pedophilia offenses enacted by people in positions of power!
    It’s by design – people with money believe laws don’t apply to them, the rest of us disagree, money people lobby to alter the law to suit their crimes.


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