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Published on July 10, 2021

Trump Supporters: Read the transcript
Also Trump Supporters: I did not read the transcript
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  • free watermelon 2 years ago


  • Calypso Mirabile 2 years ago

    Klepper’s really brave to confront people this dangerously deluded.

  • Levi Shackelton 2 years ago

    How does this person not see the hypocrisy?

  • Strangerer69 2 years ago

    When Trump says cardboard is healthy for you, this man will be the first in line to eat it.

  • Fortitudine Vincimus 2 years ago

    Republicans are 100% immune from hypocrisy…

  • D Man 2 years ago

    Trump message in a Nutshell ….. Don’t do any research but pretend you know what you are talking about …

  • D 2 years ago

    Biggest sheepable over. This reminds me of a story my parents used to tell me. There is always a lamb that leads other lambs to slaughter. The one leading to slaughter is always saved. But the ones who follows are dead. The life cycle.

  • Kay2Jay 2 years ago

    Just a reminder that these Q idiots are running for multiple positions all over America. Not just federal, but local too. Please pay attention to who’s running for your local sheriff, governor, mayor, and school boards. We really don’t want these people changing American from the inside into a fascist dictatorship.

  • A Vague & Mysterious Name 2 years ago

    Total lack of self-awareness. Hilarious. I bet he’s an Evangelical who’s never read the bible either.

  • Glenn Welsh 2 years ago

    When a sheep doesn’t know that he’s a sheep while telling others not to be sheep.

  • Mr Mark 2 years ago

    Pretty much sums up, the simple trump cult minions.

  • Just shut up and use the downvote 2 years ago

    This is what happens when Republicans defund public schooling.

  • rk9sbpro83 2 years ago

    If I remember correctly, the transcript, which I did read, was like one or two pages, and was pretty damning against trump… I dont know why he wanted people to read it. If I were him I wouldve made every attempt to keep it away from the public eye.


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