“Baby Trump” DeSantis Is Trying To Use A Culture War To Run For President – Rev. Al Sharpton

Published on February 17, 2023

Rev. Al Sharpton tells Stephen why he led a march in Florida this week, and what he thinks of the behavior of that state’s governor. Stick around for more with Rev. Sharpton, and check out his documentary, “Loudmouth,” when it premieres on BET and VH1 on February 25th.
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  • New Message 10 months ago

    Sick and tired… sick to death.

  • weburnitatbothends 10 months ago

    Rev Al, legend!

  • laalaa99stl 10 months ago

    The problem with a political party that largely favors the wealthy is that you still need large numbers of poor folk to show up at the polls to stay in power. Hence the necessity of culture war.

  • Mark Barrett 10 months ago

    The white vs black thing isn’t about politics or prejudice.
    There are plenty of dumb white people. There are dumb black people too.
    There are poor black people. There are poor white people too.
    The list goes on…
    What it is really about, is culture. “Pretend gangsta porch monkies”. (I know what it sounds like.)
    When black women yell “whatever they are yelling”, it is annoying. (I am honest.)
    Really, honestly, “redneck white boys”, are dumb too.

  • Adam Rifkin 10 months ago

    ReTHUGlicons are ALWAYS afraid of the TRUTH!

  • Rampage Phoenix 10 months ago

    35 year old hispanic millennial, born in America (used to be proud of that), raised to be a conservative catholic, but i turned liberal and progressive the very moment trump started talking about “building a wall”.
    Everything Reverend Al Sharpton said here, i WHOLEHEARTEDLY, 1000%, agree with. I’ll tell you guys one thing if i am to be truthful about anything, I will NEVER feel proud of being in this country or being American UNTIL i see the MAGA Lunatics that infiltrated our society and government get taken out and gone; I will continue to look at our American flag with shame and disgust until each and every last radical right wing freak and their mega donors get put in check for good.
    BRING ON 2024!! Im ready to vote Blue once again!!!

  • toobasaurus23 10 months ago

    A great man!

  • Drogus Maxwell 10 months ago

    There are those of us who understand that change needs to happen, and those of us who fear it. Fear is a hard foe to fight.

  • toobasaurus23 10 months ago

    Ask anyone to explain what ‘Critical Race Theory’ actually entails…..
    I doubt any of the respondents could articulate that it was a legal and social academic research endevour that proved that historical racism has played a significant part in the evolution and construct of modern American institutions.
    I can’t imagine the ignorant responses you would actually receive.

  • Stbs Abs 10 months ago

    This is more than an interview, historical.

  • Gun Ryu 10 months ago

    Is that a wig

  • Spicy Tomango 10 months ago

    He reminds me of Prince in many ways

  • Dave Davies 10 months ago

    The people in charge love to get folks to hate each other because otherwise they might start talking to each other and realise who really IS is the problem.

  • Adam 10 months ago

    Anti-CRT and anti-Woke is literally Pro-KKK. Don’t believe me? Look it up! DuhSantis is a weirdo NaziLite like most MAGAts

  • Meh Pluribus Unum 10 months ago

    There is no culture war. It is a white nationalist insurgency, plain and simple.

  • Beau R 10 months ago

    Sharpton still grifting.

  • Nope Nope 10 months ago

    Why does Al look like a baby toy


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