Alabama’s New Reproductive Law Considers Embryos Children | The Daily Show

Published on February 21, 2024

A new ruling in Alabama says that all unborn children, even frozen embryos, qualify as people under state law. Desi Lydic breaks down the implications for abortion rights and people going through IVF, while Ronny Chieng celebrates his new low-maintenance tax write-off. #DailyShow #DesiLydic #ReproductiveRights



  • @NailahRoberts 2 months ago

    So are they going to enforce child support from conception then?

  • @missinterpretation4984 2 months ago

    You don’t want kids, ladies, too bad… oh you do want kids? Also too bad.

  • @JYoutubes10 2 months ago

    Alabama folks gonna have a lot of new dependents on their taxes this year

  • @MegaForrestgump 2 months ago

    So, if a woman freezes her embryos for 5 years, does that mean that on the child’s 16th birthday they can legally drink alcohol?

  • @PeterDCXW 2 months ago

    Wow. You have to be truly brain-dead to take anything she’s saying remotely seriously. How embryologically illiterate do you have to be?

  • @jeffp9675 2 months ago

    Great job by Dezi

  • @NewMessage 2 months ago

    “Sure ya can.. just gotta fold ’em right.”
    -Ruby Franke

  • @alexanderburns4616 2 months ago

    So are they only allowed now to attempt to fertilize and transplant (implant?) one egg at a time to make sure no extra eggs get fertilized or no extra fertilized eggs than wanted attach and grow?

  • @twink276 2 months ago

    The whole goal of the anti-abortion law was to raise (republican) birth rates. With this law there will be less IVF. Are they trying to force couples to have children asap?

  • @dreamcoyote 2 months ago

    The Washington Post has an article going into the ruling and how it is full to the brim with bible quotes and Xtian reasons why these are now legally declared children. Theocracy in full force.
    One of the comments, noting how the Bible was used extensively, said that we should argue that the “children” all have everlasting life so, the embryos are fine either way ;D If they are going to use that book to write rulings then so can we.

  • @omark310tell6 2 months ago

    ” if it has no name , it does not exist” , that’s a rule of logic and society . unless they are going to give embryos human names from now on !!!

  • @CaliforniaBushman 2 months ago

    Whats the difference between the Frozen Fundamentalist AL Judge Embryo & An Athiest Embryo in a Test Tube? Daily Show Writers…
    find a Punchline.

  • @stijnvth 2 months ago

    The U.S. is a developing country when it comes to human rights especially women’s rights.

  • @scrapwood 2 months ago

    Within every embryo is a Republican trying to get out and vote

  • @Mega_vegeta 2 months ago

    IF you punch a pregnant woman in the stomach and she loses her baby should you faces a trail over the death of the unborn child ? I think you can make a close argument here for the embryos. Obviously this is not the same thing but it still a serious issue.

  • @fay5479 2 months ago

    Next it will be menstruations 😮

  • @meb1982 2 months ago

    I just saw the al news and they interviewed the Alabama governor and asked how this is going to affect parents wanting to start a family and she didn’t know what to say. The government should stay out of medical issues! I live in Alabama you know what the government needs to fix? The road!

  • @JoleeSO 2 months ago

    We are in our 50s with grown kids. I think we are about to make some embryos and store them in Alabama…we need the tax deductions. How much to mix up 40 baby batters? 😅

  • @dimsumdensum4985 2 months ago

    Great, tax dependents that you don’t have to feed, clothe, school, by expensive gadgets for, …

  • @garrettsmith4034 2 months ago

    So does this mean we can claim a fetus as a dependent on our taxes? If not, we should sue the government.


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