Trump Lashes Out at Canada & Windmills While Texas Builds Terrible Wall

Published on June 17, 2021

News of the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl on December 18th at SoFi Stadium has taken the world by storm, California was voted the #1 most fun state, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill to build a wall along their border, Facebook is testing out what they call “conflict alerts” to calm discord on their platform, Trump was back with his pal Hannity to discuss the many issues that are plaguing our world (windmills), the CDC has labeled the Delta variant as concerning, we look back a year ago this week for “This Week in Covid History,” and in honor of Father’s Day we took to the street to see how much dads actually know about their kids.

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  • Ashis Rasaily 6 months ago

    big mouth has nothing to say to biden’s policies and the current disarray! right comedy is going to bail out the states!! the more you open that mouth the more you show ignorance. ridiculous!

  • Mary Elizabeth 6 months ago

    I wonder if Abbot is going to hire trump contractors?

  • iGame3D 6 months ago

    West Virginia has the highest opiod deaths in the US. That’s how unfun it is. 380,000 of 1.8 million West Virginians live below the poverty level and the Govenor wants to ‘tax the hell out of’ marijauna when it’s legalized so only people with money can get cannabis and poor people can keep dying from cheaper fentanyl.

  • Rick Winthrop the 7th 6 months ago

    I love how people essentially self selected for Covid by going to those ridiculous circle jerk show rallies. Rotten orange turd should get A lifetime achievement Darwin award for his role in this masterpiece of arrogance and stupidity. I wonder if a higher percentage of Dump supporters died as a result? Sometimes good things happen for the wrong reason.

  • The latest version of the truth 6 months ago

    Weird are times when TV-comedians are the voice of reason and intelligence. 😀

  • startingQB 6 months ago

    West Virginia is lower than Alabama?

  • Houghton011 6 months ago

    When Donald Joke Trump talks, I think the gears in his head slow down and get stuck. He can’t give a speech, can’t give an interview. He was a joke of a President and more of a complete joke of a business man.

  • Schmancy 6 months ago

    The pop quiz made me appreciate my dad more. He’s always the first person to wish me a happy birthday. Also, my middle name is his first name, so he probably wouldn’t get that wrong.

  • Tim Faubert 6 months ago

    Blame it on Canada!

  • Luther Jennings 6 months ago

    I know that Sean Hannity will be at the Jimmy Kimmel Bowl!

  • IronVader75 6 months ago

    Neil Perart refused Trump an autograph.

  • chris nelson 6 months ago

    texas cant fix power but can build a wall wow

  • Robert Peterson 6 months ago

    @2:38 – really they should be using that money to replace or fix their failed power grid.

  • Random Rangoon 6 months ago

    Those windmills man,they are killing all our birds and things.

    Yeah ok little buddy (pats trumps head) drink your milk and go to bed pal.

  • Joshua Goose 6 months ago

    I love you Jimmy!!!!!!

  • Don Doyle 6 months ago

    Who would’ve thought no talent jimmy Kimmel have a game named after him. Oh that’s right it’s only named after him because he sponsored it

  • ronald brignoni 6 months ago

    The answer to “Who’s your daughter’s best friend is her father.” Try and deny that on father’s day.

  • T Bee 6 months ago

    I live right on the border of Canada. One of my Canadian friends during a phone call yesterday said 90% of Canadians can not stand the orange freak. The other 10% are not getting vaccinated.


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