Zanny Minton Beddoes – The Economist | The Daily Show

Published on February 13, 2024

Editor-in-Chief of The Economist, Zanny Minton Beddoes, joins Jon Stewart to discuss President Joe Biden’s 2nd term potential, the global spread of national conservatism, what former President Donald Trump doesn’t understand about the NATO alliance, and the Republican divide over support for Ukraine. #DailyShow #Comedy



  • @Padq 2 months ago

    Putin is 71! Old old old

  • @Vanguardkl 2 months ago

    Trevor Noah is was remains the best Daily Show host in history. Nothing will ever change that.

  • @VgAce135 2 months ago

    So it was essentially a bash Biden episode?

  • @user-kc6xm3wh3r 2 months ago

    My mother in law is 95. Her body is breaking down but her mind is sharp. She still has the best judgment. Can we not respect the wisdom of age? Which I think Biden has. He’s no trick pony. A leader shouldn’t have to be.

  • @Oblivionsurveyor 2 months ago

    Go Woke Go broke. the culture is not rooted in sanity.

  • @GlassesAndCoffeeMugs 2 months ago

    I strongly disagree with the notion that Joe Biden is some sort of master on foreign policy, his vision for the Mid East is much closer to Trump than Obama, he’s made no effort to rejoin the Iran deal, increased sanctions on Cuba in a reversal of Obama era policies, and his position with regard to Israel+Netenyahu is a disaster that is putting US soldier’s lives at risk

  • @stewartdavies929 2 months ago

    Is that an economist in leather pants??

  • @bluestarbear 2 months ago

    Ageism 🙁

  • @jd190d 2 months ago

    The independents who voted out trump because thy were tired of his idiot chaos will get reacquainted with that when his ads start airing and they will remember why they voted him out. I don’t think there are any that, when they see who he is again, will want him back.

  • @Noodles1771 2 months ago

    A lunatic right wing economist that Jon Stewart pretends is sensible perfectly embodies the Daily Show’s farce of political commentary – cosplaying as common sense, anti-establishment, pro-worker politics while reinforcing status quo capitalist establishment perspectives.

  • @glenjo0 2 months ago

    The war in Ukraine was accurately predicted by American foreign policy experts in the late 80’s if NATO kept expanding. It has nothing to do with woke.

  • @Zer0Blizzard 2 months ago

    I hate the Economist, and she’s reminding me of why. Europe, fundamentally, either doesn’t care or doesn’t want to rearm itself against Russia. Nobody wants to take Putin out, and frankly anyone afraid of nukes clearly isn’t afraid enough of Putin doing a blitzkrieg or WW1 on the rest of Europe. Nukes don’t scare me one bit because if the choice is slavery or death, it’s pretty easy for me to choose. Clearly Europe wants to be cowardly. Not a fan of genocide Joe’s appeasement of Russia or the GOP either.

  • @drfranks1158 2 months ago

    Jon to moderate a “debate” between the two old farts. Sleepy vs Orange… Let’s see what they got.

  • @leilaniaileenlove 2 months ago

    Awesome besides talking over Zanny and constantly interrupting her……

  • @LovingMontanatoDeath 2 months ago

    Stewart/Colbert 2024. I am not kidding.

  • @JohnFnLopez 2 months ago

    What’s clear is that Biden is very well versed in politics and policy, but that isn’t why so many aren’t cheerleader for Biden 2024. It’s because the Democratic Party blew another shot at leading. Who’s going to beat Trump? Possinly Biden. It’s 50/50. Probably someone closer to 35 than 80. Likely someone with a fresh appeal and a non-corporate-backed campaign. You know, a 45 year old who sounds more like Bernie Sanders than Bill Clinton. But NO! They went with the gamble because they utterly lack foresight and backbones. Nothing has changed.
    Rank Choice Voting is democracy. Two-party voting is just pre-fascism in disguise.

  • @danhayes4941 2 months ago

    Wise ol’ Joe knows right from wrong and isn’t on the same page as evil Putin, China and Iran.

  • @bangle7485 2 months ago

    Why are we listening to a woman who is not from here 😢

  • @JohnTLyon 2 months ago

    So, Miz Beddoes, why haven’t the Dems fielded another major candidate? I’ll wait…

  • @oliverwhite8624 2 months ago

    She’s smart af


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