Winston Duke On The Significance Of “Nine Days” In Trinidad and Tobago

Published on August 10, 2021

Winston Duke talks about the spiritual tradition in Trinidad and Tobago that influenced his new film, “Nine Days.” #Colbert #NineDays #WinstonDuke

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  • Edward Fletcher 3 years ago

    It’s so great to see awesome people succeed !

    Not to sure about the designer of his Harlequin denim suit tho’ ! Yikes

  • A A 3 years ago

    mmm! Winston is looking and sounding so damn good!!!! I wish I could hug him…just ONCE!

  • palbo4 3 years ago

    Nine Days is a deeply beautiful movie and everyone should watch it

  • Lesley Agams 3 years ago

    Colbert has been On Vacation for 2 weeks. I’ve had withdrawal symptoms. I get it that he has to unplug from the news cycle for his mental health but his frequent absences effect my mental health! I’ve been monitoring YouTube for the uploads. Its impossible to stay mad with Colbert. He comes back with more than 10 minutes of Stephen King and this absolute gem with Winston Duke, Mbaka from Black Panther. Pity it wasn’t longer. The way Duke apologetically centers His Culture is inspiring. And that laugh.


    On a side note, is it just me or is Trevor Noah becoming too much like Ronny Chieng?

  • purspike 3 years ago

    The Duke of cool

  • Jonathan Vanier 3 years ago

    Such a talented, sweet and beautiful person!

  • Denise Higgins 3 years ago

    This guy is so big, they didn’t have enough material for his suit. They had to use patches.

  • Quiche A Lewis 3 years ago

    Great interview. It was fun and too short.

  • Brian Meaker 3 years ago

    That outfit is his is wild as hell and I’m here for it

  • DRGH DRGH 3 years ago

    Some Filipinos also do nine days also. They call it a Novena. Prayers, family, friends and almost a festive time. I was in the Philippines for my grandmother’s Novena. Her body was in the living room of the house. It kept smelling a floral scent and the family said it was her spirit visiting us. I think it was someone’s body wash.

  • shaun 3 years ago

    my step dad passed away and a week or so later i had a dream he was in a victorian house with a conservatory that was being used as a waiting room, he said “I’m fine, don’t worry, things are alot better now” gave me a hug and I woke up!

  • TITANS REVIEW!! 3 years ago

    Hey Stephen at home we need a week dedicated to comic book writers and artist! Pleassssssssssssse

  • H H 3 years ago

    Ni night is not just a Trinidadian thing, it is also in Jamaica.


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