Why Nurses Have Been Hit the Hardest During the Pandemic | The Daily Show

Published on September 21, 2021

After nearly two years on the front lines of the pandemic, nurses are quitting due to burnout. Here’s why nurses are understandably pissed off and what’s being done to fix it. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah




  • Fauler Perfektionist 3 years ago

    Let’s be clear. Anyone calling themselves a nurse who _resigned_ because they were not prepared to call COVID a _legitimate threat_ or any of the vaccines a legitimate tool for _fighting_ that threat endangers patients by even being on the ward and the end of their employment in healthcare benefits _all_ of us. Let’s not grieve their departure or try to change their minds. Let’s examine the educational institutions that _gave_ them those credentials in the hope of producing more scientifically literate medical personnel in the _future._

  • Gaasuba Meskhenet 3 years ago

    Pay them more!
    Pay every one else to stay home!
    Make college free!!

  • Adrian Duran 3 years ago

    I knew I was going to die, but not like this

  • Harry Mak 3 years ago

    We can keep listing out the benefits but if folks are still not convinced at this point, I hate to say it but they’re a lost cause. It’s infuriating, it’s frustrating, and I feel for those dealing with their choice. I’ve already tried my hand spending hours debating with a few anti-vaxxers friends/acquaintances to no avail. They’re not dumb people, they’re just selfish and it’s costing all of us.

  • Jia Liang Low 3 years ago

    they should stop treating unvaccinated

  • Dee Dee 3 years ago

    The Board Of Nursing, in my State, is presently having meetings with our State legislators regarding the shortage of Nurses. Having more patients than Nursing staff, to take care of them, IS ILLEGAL. When this pandemic started, I immediately decided NOT to take my Nursing license out of retirement. I am high risk & I resented the fact that people refused to wear a mask & stay 6′ feet apart. If I was a licensed RN, BSN my oath of Nursing would demand that I serve ALL patients. And, I want to ‘spit nails’ over my fellow Nurses who adamantly refuse to receive the COVID19 vaccine. We have to be fully vaccinated to gain employment in the first place. I have personally been tested every year & received multiple booster shots for MMR & Hep A/B because my titers always showed ZERO antibodies. I was also required to get TB tests every year. One year it came back with a wheel, which required me to have our Employee Health Nurse give me the TB prong test & for me to have a chest X-ray. Every medication on the market has side effects. The Medical & Scientific Community has to decide if the risk of getting the side effects outweighs the use of those medications. Prednisone is the perfect example. It can cause terrible side effects yet it is the only medication that can treat numerous diseases.

  • Faith 3 years ago

    If nurses are that weak and cant handle pressure then leave…wimps

  • Live Music 3 years ago

    Here in Europe (Austria) we have the exact same situation, operations need to be postponed cause unvaccinated people are filling the ICUs. We even have a leading politicians you says that we “are guinea pigs for science” and that walking in the nature is all you need stay healthy. One of his party members (male around 40years old, no previous illness) almost died in the ICU. He went during the lockdown to a babyparty with 30 people while the general public was not even allowed to walk in the public parks. He was never charged a fine or had to face any consequences, of course almost dying should have changed his views but guess what…..

    This guy is now also claiming that if his symptoms would have been treated properly (that there is no treatment is a fact that he simply doesnt tell) he would have never needed an ICU and doesn’t advertise the vaccine. These idiots are around 30% of our population, they are not taking the vaccine no matter what. Everything is a lie, everything is fake, the people in the ICU DO HAVE THE VACCINE!!!! thats why they are there etc. etc. and political partys are targeting these idiots cause they are voting for them. We have a lot in common my dear Americans :D.

  • Jody Fulford 3 years ago

    Every time I begin to lament at how this pandemic has upturned my life, I remember healthcare workers and how they have it so much worse.

  • Lunkis 3 years ago

    Tiger King is a movie about animalabuse so no I’m not clapping for it.

  • BSonYOUTUBE 3 years ago

    @5:50 We don’t need those kind of nurses, just be glad they are gone, makes the hospital a saver place.

  • dlb5454 3 years ago

    and, importantly, being a nurse is not one thing, it is a tree of many branches…but you must believe in what you do, all meds have side effects, some deadly, but you must be in the camp of your profession


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