Eddie Izzard Uses Richard Pryor’s Stand-Up Technique In Her New Stage Show, “Great Expectations”

Published on December 9, 2022

Emmy-winner and TONY-nominee Eddie Izzard tells Stephen about studying Richard Pryor for inspiration for her performance in her new one-person stage show, an adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel, “Great Expectations,” which opens tomorrow at the Greenwich House Theater in New York City.
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  • Richard B 1 year ago

    I thought Angela Lansbury had died.

  • Brian Johnston 1 year ago

    Always loved Eddie,Great stand up!

  • Mark Iliff 1 year ago

    05:10 Izzard: [thinks] Shit! Can there really be people who don’t know Great Expectations?

  • John Pettus 1 year ago

    Eddie Izzard is a genius of the highest order. Or the second highest order. Whatever comes just behind the highest highest order.

  • Eric Minch 1 year ago

    You’ve gotta love Eddie. Has there ever been a better standup comic, or improv master (mistress)?

  • Amy Evans 1 year ago

    What an amazing human!

  • darkzomb 1 year ago

    I love her. She was one of my first queer exposures, and her humor has always been intelligent, relying on the absurdiy of human beings rather than insulting people. She needs to be everywhere

  • Ivo 1 year ago

    HE doesn’t know if HE’s a HE or a SHE, I know HE’s an idiot. What’s wrong with people nowadays, why is everyone pretending to be something they’re not? Grow up and face the truth, all of us have had to deal with where we were born, in what environment we were born and what possibilities we had to make the best of it. That’s part of being HUMAN. I’m not waking up tomorrow and wish I was a flower and go sit in a bucket of fertilizer either.

  • William Schneider 1 year ago

    Great on Rogan! Highly recommend 2+ hours.

  • Emma Thompson 1 year ago

    I was raised by…wolves actually… She RULES!

  • mustardistasty 1 year ago

    One of the only comedians whose old work is still hilarious. Aged like a fine wine

  • Cheri Noelke 1 year ago

    Yep, another trans person out there trying to make life better and spreading terrible things like love and exceptence. They MUST be stopped!

  • Matthew Simpson 1 year ago

    I love Eddie! Thank you Stephen!


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