What Is This Thing?

Published on November 17, 2021

Jimmy was recently alerted to a fascinating thread on Reddit called “What Is This Thing?” which exists “for the identification of mysterious objects.” People post photos of an unidentified thing and ask the hive mind of the internet to help them figure out what it is. Jimmy likes this sort of thing, so we took some of the objects from Reddit and asked folks on Hollywood Boulevard to help us identify them.


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  • TT Happy Rock 11 months ago

    The lady with the purple nail polish was just precious–loved her reactions!

  • pr0jekt 11 months ago

    There you go Jimmy, eat your cookie 🙂 longtime lurker, your cookie plea made me hit the button 🙂

  • P 11 months ago

    Who is the hot guy in the grey Califorknia tee? Drop his Ig

  • X70Shane@MUSIC 11 months ago


  • Prisoner8612 Finallyfree 11 months ago

    People say man Superior ,stronger🤪😝 when men are obsessed with and ruled by the root. You learn this especially in the hospital. Anything goes tiny bit wrong with the root 😭😭 slightest injury😭😭😭 while women endure massive pain, destruction of their body. My husband so terrified of vasectomy destroying his manhood I had to cut off sex. When he finally got one he thought he was gonna die for a week😭😭it was hilarious

  • Ragnarok 11 months ago

    When the girl said she spent 3 hours watching videos of 🐝 Ik she was stoner 😹😹😹 I remember one day I was watching a documentary about Iguanas it was really interesting.

  • Foxing 11 months ago

    the chick who knew about the bee keeper question 100% would be a rad girlfriend, i ened someone that cool in my life.

  • Aristotle Stagir 11 months ago

    For drug

  • Westlife fan 11 months ago

    “🍆 holder” 😂
    I can’t believe she said that 😂

  • patrick belz 11 months ago

    I got all but one right

  • Christopher Harrison 11 months ago

    Spencer’s Turd mold

  • Jason Kioke 11 months ago

    Who else pauses or stops the video at Jimmy’s end credit scene?

  • Jeff Sleek 11 months ago

    The ad I just saw before this videos got me all weird

  • Su San 11 months ago

    Wherever grandpa can’t find it !! 🤣🤣🤣 5:09

  • Al G 11 months ago

    Queen bee cage 😅

  • Shari_ Moonchild 11 months ago

    Please continue this segment. Love it.

  • Shilpa D 11 months ago

    This was fun. And refreshingly different from when Kimmel’s team talks to people about general affairs and they come up with the most ridiculous things to say.

  • Ingrid Fong-Daley 11 months ago

    “Where did grandma put this?”

    Jimmy’s answer was cute, but I think he misunderstood the question. 🙂

  • JM Dub 11 months ago

    There’s an entire TV show like this in Germany

  • Georgia Waters 11 months ago

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