We’re not supposed to be ‘messing’ with the sun: Tom Shillue

Published on July 4, 2023

Tom Shillue and guests discuss how the White House is open to studying how to block the sun to fight global warming on ‘Gutfeld!’

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  • TO 5 months ago

    note…. they have been spraying us like this for 20 years.

  • D Wade 5 months ago

    First it was electric cars, now it’s block the sun, so much for green energy

  • M O 5 months ago

    Human kind will never wake up and get it….

  • Chris Z 5 months ago

    Biden administration is a complete Clownshow

  • Walter Leamy 5 months ago

    Bad idea

  • Sofia Calvoni 5 months ago

    Can you get more stupid???

  • Jacqueline Silvers 5 months ago

    The UN outlawed this action years ago when it was shown to be dangerous and a very, very bad idea. These people are non compess mentis.

  • Garrett 5 months ago

    The GOP has been arguing that we can’t change the climate for the past 20 years. Now a lib says let’s do it and the GOP agrees we can, but that we shouldn’t. Can’t have it both ways.

  • Paul Carter 5 months ago

    I’m so glad that we have TV opinion hosts shaping people’s opinions on scientific matters when they clearly have no training, qualifications or facts to guide their opinions. It’s just great. Whatever would we do without them.

  • kim jørgensen 5 months ago

    Are they gonna create a shield like in the movie Highlander

  • billie billings 5 months ago


  • 🌼 Lexi 🌷 5 months ago

    They’ve been blocking the sun for years! H.A.A.R.P. has already admitted to doing so through chemtrails. That’s why chemtrails contain heavy metals!
    Biden is late, as with everything, as usual.

  • Ever Present 5 months ago

    Barack Obama: You can keep your doctor.

  • The British Engineer 5 months ago

    Seeding the atmosphere won’t work as it won’t stop electrically charged particles. Google Carrington Event don’t sit in an EV it would explode leave your phone on the table as that’s bursting into flames. Then back to the stone age.

  • Cyn Gli 5 months ago

    Right block the sun and spin us into a deep freeze. I guess no trees, grass, food will grow without the sun. So that would be good for Bill Gates lab grown food. Not good for anyone or anything else. Sheer stupidity.

  • Job Angelofpresence 5 months ago

    Not NO but HELL NO.

  • Robbie Gunkel 5 months ago

    This just shows how stupid demorats are. Tell you to get solar panels then block the sun. Doesn’t get stupider than that. Shows how they do what ever they are bribed to do.

  • John Shanks 5 months ago

    It’s already been going on for decades, it’s called chemtraling.
    And they’ve destroyed the ozone layer doing it, 8ts why the sun looks white now in the sky compared to the golden yellow it once shone.
    Bit slow American public.

  • Arthur Mosel 5 months ago

    There is plenty of historical data on blocking out zsun light. The Kwaiti oil field fires and Mount St. Helen in the last few decades.


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