Weird Al Yankovic Recorded His First Single in a Public Bathroom

Published on November 3, 2022

Daniel Radcliffe and Weird Al Yankovic talk about the creation of Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, hilarious cameos from Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone in the film and Weird Al’s parodies boosting the sales of original songs.

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  • Bernhard Ruoff 3 months ago

    Daniel Radcliffe looks like Hugh Jackman put through a Snapchat Disney 3D character filter which was then also put through an aging filter. Just adorable 🥰

  • Gabe Good 3 months ago

    OMG!!! FUNNY AF!!

  • Krusty 3 months ago

    don’t miss Weird Al interviews Madonna ..

  • Leslyann W 3 months ago

    I love weird al so much since he did night of too many starts with ActionPlay musical theater kids on the spectrum which me & my kids were lucky to be part of. “Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Yoda!!!” Such a special moment. He has a heart of gold.

  • Karen W 3 months ago

    The saga begins was my first Al experience.
    White and nerdy is my favourite all time.
    I’m sad this is only on a streaming service, I want to see it on the big screen!
    I’m not even sure Roku is available in Australia… 😥

  • no 3 months ago

    If you haven’t seen Daniel rapping “Alphabet Aerobics”, go watch it

  • Madeleine Price 3 months ago

    I love Harry Potter and everything J K Rowling has written.
    So when Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson came out against her, in favour of the vile, toxic internet trolls who accused JKR of anti-LGBTQXYZ+++ sentiments they imagined in her (then) latest book, I saw red.
    Those two snowflake ingrates have my deep disgust for dissing the woman who made their sad little careers.
    I’ve never watched or paid good money to see them since that day 👹👹👹👹👹
    It’s all I can do but I stand by my feelings.

  • Wendy 3 months ago

    Daniel Radcliffe is really a wonderful actor who really makes bold acting choices. Can’t wait to watch this.

  • Studeb 3 months ago

    How can anybody down vote this, other than the ghost of Coolio?

  • Anya Abusable 3 months ago

    The only other way to portray Al in a movie with regards to his accordion playing is to make it a running joke that the actor is always ABOUT to start playing and then gets stopped for one reason or another. Make it blatant that he’s never going to get to play or a fourth wall break where the actor is getting rescued from having to play.

  • joey 3 months ago

    I LOVE WEIRD AL SO FREAKING!!!!! ‘i gottt itttt from eeeebbbaayyyy’ 💗🥳 he brings me so much joy

  • Rasha Seden 3 months ago

    Weird Al’s “One More Minute” had me rolling on the floor when I first heard it.

  • Demetrios Christopher 3 months ago

    Amish Paradise FTW!

  • bubblesezblonde 3 months ago

    Legend. I first heard Weird Al on the Dr. Demento show LATE at night on a transister radio wearing an earplug. Nice interview.

  • Space Force Commander 3 months ago

    Not a big fan of biopics but growing up with Weird Al’s music makes it a must see movie for me.

  • Charlock 3 months ago

    Absolutely fantastic. I am so glad these two found each other and decided to do a project together.

  • Richmond W 3 months ago

    “Me and the sea captain” – is Weird Al a secret jackal?!

  • Jason Flay 3 months ago

    My first concert of a well-known person or band that I as an individual chose to go see was weird Al. I was in 8th grade, and my buddy and I who, obviously weird Al in middle school is a god, found out that he was coming near our home on the bad hair tour, and it was my buddy his father and myself. And it was an amazing experience. Also looking back on it I have a feeling my buddy’s father was also a weird Al fan so it really wasn’t too much of a sacrifice for him to take two new weird Al Fanboys to go see weird Al live.

  • John Smithe 3 months ago

    I had heard Weird Al was a Trump supporter and I was disappointed. Is that not actually true?


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