Bruce Springsteen Takes The Colbert Questionert

Published on November 11, 2021

If you don’t know his favorite smell or the one song he can’t live without, do you really know The Boss? Find out what makes New Jersey’s most famous resident tick as Bruce Sprinsteen bares all in this edition of The Colbert Questionert. #Colbert #BruceSpringsteen #TheColbertQuestionert

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  • Philip Antonius 2 years ago

    He is still cool at 72

  • Moth Girl 2 years ago

    I’m very impressed that Stephen had dinner with Dionne Warwick.

  • New Message 2 years ago

    “I’m 72.”

    And he looks like a young version of my cousin Bobby… who’s 43.

  • Godfrey Pigott 2 years ago

    One song for the rest of my life? Got to be Wuthering Heights.

  • Gatsby999888 2 years ago

    Can only listen to one song for the rest of life? Easy. Born to Run, baby!

  • jubs1982 2 years ago

    Did they boo him? Lol

  • Hal T 2 years ago

    Extraordinary answers.

  • Barry Lyndon 2 years ago

    blasting down the highway in my batmobile you squealed in delight were going to paris caught between my passport and a rootbeer float i turned the car around because you made fun of me you tell me im ridiculous a clown so preposterous who would believe the king was the joker hiding behind his confidence

  • drstevenrey 2 years ago

    The Boss. Legend. Kneel please. Wonderful. Brilliant.

  • Zesty 2 years ago

    4:20 _”… and at the end he drives right into the bulldozers.”_

    Forgot all that, but the end of _Vanishing Point_ sounds like the start of _The Italian Job._

  • Zesty 2 years ago

    4:56 _”Flat or sparkling?”_ ah, there’s that appalling leading question again; the choice is _”still or carbonated?”_ or _”natural or fizzy?”_

    Good on Bruce Springsteen for getting the correct answer. Most people get that one wrong.

  • Sandler Cruise 2 years ago

    I clicked *like* because it’s Bruce, but these are not the questions we’re here for.

  • ita40200 2 years ago

    I actually claped my hands when he said “Damn, what a ***** ride”


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