Trumpism Rejected in Major Landslide as Newsom Wins California Recall: A Closer Look

Published on September 15, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at Trumpism losing badly in California when Governor Gavin Newsom easily beat back a GOP-led recall effort.

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  • venusboys3 4 months ago

    The Captain!

  • William McCarthy 4 months ago

    their but hurt about losing the election. = need fascism

  • hey there 4 months ago

    Seth does a freaky good Mike Pillow dude.

  • Dogsrawesome 4 months ago

    If I hear the term ” both ass like we did to help stop the vietnam war. Call me a boomer but i am a female ex hippie who grew up in nyc and hitchiked to California in the 70s. I came here for a reason. This week I had to listen to big facist pig try to take over CA from us and then try to kill us. Come on….let’s do it again. do you feel ….what i feel….

  • Charlie Foxtrot 4 months ago

    The recall might have worked if the Republicans had picked someone who wasn’t a Trump cult member. Someone more moderate.

    But since the modern GOP has imploded, and is run by extremists who demand loyalty to Trump, they fcked up

  • JApp John Andrew Patrick Peters 4 months ago

    republikkons When they win: IT’S A LANDSLIDE
    republikkkons When they lose: FRAUD! RIGGED!

  • MP Reaper 4 months ago

    Might be an old car but I’d gladly accept it.

  • jeremy sans3lm 4 months ago

    Khaki Korsnacki

  • Ani 4 months ago

    Daaaa piers! Lmmfaoaotp

  • Jon T 4 months ago

    Seth Myers has obviously never had La Pizza Loca.

  • Dick Rempel 4 months ago

    The recalls working fine. Gray Davis needed to effingngo. And Newsom sucks. Just not as bad as Larry and qanan crap would

  • James Guy Photography 4 months ago

    One of Republicans’ favorite things to say about California is that the state is so Liberal, everyone is leaving…but a Republican not getting installed as governor is a shock, and clear evidence of voter fraud.

  • Tony Stark 4 months ago

    Oooooh, so that’s why the GOP challenged a recall.
    By the books, it’s easier to sorta win.
    They know the rules of the election system well, then try to manipulate that.
    That jives with their voter restriction push.

  • PrdxlDrm 4 months ago

    The Larry David impression convinced me that impression camp is real

  • Sir Knits A Lot 4 months ago

    I’m overwhelmed by how easily politicians throw money around but think $7.50 an hour is a sufficient living wage.

    I mean millions and millions wasted, but god forbid poor folks go to dentists or eye doctors.

  • Starfellow 4 months ago

    Seth, you’re just glad Newsome is still in office so you can get your brother a job 😚

  • Andrea Rice 4 months ago

    Correction: horses cannot breathe through their mouths they can only breathe through their nostrils so if they were going to smoke a cigarette it would have to be through their nose. Yes, horses can “crib”, also called “wind sucking” through their mouths but this air does not go into their lungs.

  • mmw5022 4 months ago

    Not loving the California jokes, didn’t NYC have a mayoral election that had a ranked-choice voting for the primaries?

  • MBitz1798 4 months ago

    the disintegration pixels were so large


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