Trump Goes Head-to-Head with Trump, QAnon Waits for Michael Jackson & a Rare Melania Sighting

Published on January 31, 2022

Some parts of Massachusetts got more than thirty inches of snow over the weekend and there were quite a few characters out and about in the cold, the LA Rams are headed to the Super Bowl and will face the Cincinnati Bengals, Donald Trump was back on the road as part of his “Save America Tour” and he contradicted himself quite a few times, QAnon nuts think Michael Jackson is coming back, Mike Pence joined Fox News and gave an update on where things stand with him and Donald, and we got a rare Melania sighting with former Trump cabinet member Ben Carson.


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  • Angel Diaz 2 years ago

    The twilight zone, that’s the carson and gold digger segment.

  • Dimitri Sloterek 2 years ago

    America has a left wing? Since when? Since the Great public Health insurance?

  • Adam Givan 2 years ago

    Mj is coming back ?

  • Lindalee Law 2 years ago

    Jails represent you – filthy, disgusting

  • ChronicPainFighter 2 years ago

    OMG! He IS completely NUTS!

  • Rich Marceau 2 years ago

    Pedestrian holds cup of tea
    Reporter: I see you had to come get your cup of coffee

    That’s some fine journalism right there.

  • ChronicPainFighter 2 years ago

    ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!Oh, it’s over? Yah!

  • Whisky James 2 years ago

    My African foreparents have rolled out of their graves by now! After seeing these ‘Blacks for Trump’ in the background. Especially, that loyal one with the phone, he’s at every Trump rally and always visible. “LOSER[S]!!!”

  • geraldillo 2 years ago

    Children books that are trying to paint an ideal society are not helpful if there are no role models for kids. Heros from real life whose actions inspire and can be held as an example for them.

  • Shimmer Glitter Shine Sparkle 2 years ago

    getting 44 months in prison, for walking into the capitol, to interrupt a proceeding, with no due process – no basic civil rights, is being treated unfairly – is what he means, it does not mean that president trump does not condemn the attack

  • Corey Wagar 2 years ago

    Their anology on the eagle would be more accurate if they used a hydra.

    They are describing cooperation meanwhile they do everything they can to undermine everyone. America is no eagle atm its a hydra, too many heads barking.

  • #YOUdon'thavetoreadthispost. 2 years ago

    Snowplow drivers called it ‘pennies from heaven’ when the snow flies.

  • Ana Teator 2 years ago

    Jimmy will you run for President, please ?

  • MAN_ON_WHEELZ 2 years ago

    This is the perfect opportunity for Michael Jackson impersonators to step up.

  • greatbutler 2 years ago

    That book reading must be a deep fake by Seth McFarland… But I guess you can’t make this stuff up.


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