Trump Complains About His Chubby Photos, Putin Trolls Tucker Carlson & Did You Do IT Last Night?

Published on February 15, 2024

Donald Trump was back in the warm embrace of the American judicial system today, tomorrow in NYC the judge is expected to rule in his $370 million-dollar civil fraud case, he was in South Carolina where he took some time to boast about his golf game and complain about chubby photos of him, 1 in 5 Americans believe that Taylor Swift is part of a very complicated conspiracy to elect Joe Biden, Tucker Carlson went to Russia for an interview and Vladimir Putin wasn’t impressed, and we went to the Farmer’s Market here in LA to see if people “did it” last night in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

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  • @JeremyToh 2 months ago

    “Doing it”is illegal in Malaysia

  • @TK-gm2zr 2 months ago

    1 out of 5 people don’t really believe that crap but they love to troll everyone. Pretending to believe something that is manifestly not true is a kind of power trip.

  • @charliebrown4697 2 months ago

    Is he swinging that golf club or is it swinging him????? 😂

  • @fuzzy6006 2 months ago

    Funny how Chump pulls numbers(and lies) outta his @ss😂😂😂

  • @rogerbarrett8744 2 months ago

    tRump loves all of this attention, it plays into his narcissistic character. When will we be rid of this curse?

  • @hollywoodard-ry3os 2 months ago

    Stormy Daniels got a $180000 and Karen McDougall got $250000 for 2 minutes.

    Kimberly gilfoyle should go for daddy instead of junior cause she only got $60000 For 3 minutes.

  • @molliwilson5639 2 months ago

    Tiny hands ..

  • @TracyAdams-ry2fc 2 months ago

    Trump’s first court date is 2 days after my birthday! 👏💙👏💙

  • @Space2050 2 months ago

    “A camera!” – 🤣

  • @permeus2nd 2 months ago

    12:23 oh boy would there be problems if one said yes and the other said no.

    Or they said “”dude we are brother and sister!””

  • @chiaraA. 2 months ago

    Tricky Nikki lol – right there he couldn’t remember Nikki’s last name

  • @jamesnguyen9033 2 months ago

    The MAGA people supported Trump, the majority of them Trump would never allow to set foot in his golf resorts. That is how much he thinks of them.

  • @danydilullo7129 2 months ago

    Can anyone recommend how to prevent this idiocy from being sent to me?

  • @charliebrown4697 2 months ago

    If his defense in court is going to be “even if he’s guilty there’s no crime” then I can’t wait for the trial lol

  • @Virus-xm7qc 2 months ago

    Love your SUIT Jimmy, and especially the way it FITS You.👍👍👍

  • @akadieliskowich9339 2 months ago

    Too much powder and full diapers!

  • @i-likemy-space7729 2 months ago

    It smells like Trump sold out our CIA informants and operatives in Saudi Arabia and Qatar for 3.2 Billion (+25 Mil/yr).
    Who cares about Hunter Biden and 10 Million?

  • @milnez 2 months ago

    One in five… except it’s the same 1:5…

  • @SanBrunoBeacon 2 months ago

    Trump is the clown prince of criminal defendants. One way or another, he’s going to jail…


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