Trump Came in Contact with 500 People Between Positive COVID Test & Hospitalization



  • Dishonest Track6 2 years ago

    Who else predicted the Mascot would vomit at the end?

  • Wade Buck 2 years ago

    If he was in close contact with 500 people then the law of averages and mathematical statistics dictate that his stupidity and arrogance absolutely infected someone who died or that person infected someone who died. He is most certainly one of the most disgusting and horrible people on the planet

  • R W 2 years ago

    Make a law: If proven, that a person knowingly & willingly refused the vaccine, then caught CoVid19, and then transferred the virus to others, resulting in the death/injury of those others, prosecute for negligent homicide/civil injury.

    OH WAIT. There are already laws on the books making it a crime to transmit Communicable Diseases. A person whose intentional or reckless behavior spreads an infectious disease, such as HIV, SARS, or COVID-19, could face criminal charges.

    Let’s make a law holding political figures accountable for their part in the spread of deadly communicable diseases… OH WAIT… there already is. MALFEASANCE wrongdoing, especially by a public official. Malfeasance is a broad term for an act that is illegal and causes physical or financial harm to another individual. This illegal act can be tried in criminal and civil court. Under tort law, malfeasance has legal repercussions in civil court and the plaintiff can sue the defendant for monetary damages.

  • CL 2 years ago

    Jimmy, thanks for nothing – that image of a naked Trump is burned into my retina for ever.

  • Gator Mike 2 years ago

    Very funny. Naked Trump made me literally lol. Thank you.

  • Ashley Borf 2 years ago


  • Donald Williams 2 years ago

    Jimmy Kamel

  • Ted Michaels 2 years ago

    Herman Caine was the man!

  • Christopher Adams 2 years ago

    Can we lose the bachelor please jimmy! So so so lame.

  • Mario Quinoz 2 years ago

    How dare you talk badly about gilbert

  • Dang BAbby 2 years ago

    Can you mention Hunter Biden?
    In all fairness your coverage is pathetic.

  • An Ngô Nguyễn Thiên 2 years ago

    Girls: Crying
    Subtitles: [Laughter]

  • Sujit Bedi 2 years ago

    Wow, usually enjoy his youtube but what was up with this one. I know he needs to promote the Bachelor/Bachelorette, but give me those three minutes back. The mascot from the pro guy seemed more like for basketball and not football. Jimmy Kamel looked horrible… at least put some pads on him.


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