Trump and Drunk Giuliani Cause an Insurrection & Putin’s Got a Poop Suitcase!

Published on June 13, 2022

On Friday night we conducted a very dumb experiment and asked people to tweet at Steph Curry before halftime saying that he had eaten a bug and a lot of people did, episode two of “CSI Can’t Believe Donald Trump’s Not in Jail Yet” took place in Washington, every reasonable person in Trump’s orbit told him he lost the election, an “apparently inebriated” Rudy Giuliani gave Donny the bone-headed idea to declare victory on election night, we help make the hearings a little more interesting with some filters, former Attorney General Bill Barr said Trump had become “detached from reality,” Andy Biggs of Arizona believes we have bigger chips to fry, Vladimir Putin reportedly travels with a suitcase to poop in, the Tony Awards took place in New York last night, and country music Superstar Luke Combs has managed to turn one of his hobbies into a lucrative endorsement deal.

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  • Jeromey 12 months ago

    Keep on serving your satanic liars

  • Tom Sampson 12 months ago

    What the hell was that fishing bit about?

  • tlak 12 months ago

    Kushner and Ivanka are as guilty as trump and Giuliani.

  • I,m a P.C mimnagh 12 months ago

    Rudy was a hero mayor after 9/11 what happened,!!

  • phil row 12 months ago

    nightmare fuel

  • Abel Jimenez 12 months ago

    Rudy the drunken master

  • Bob Mateljan 12 months ago

    IT’S BOTH.

  • Hagan G 12 months ago

    Why didn’t he do jokes about Pelosi’s husband’s DUI or Hunter’s video where he has a crack pipe , an illegal gun, with one of his long list of prostitutes?

  • Steve Wise 12 months ago

    Americas Republicans Don’t Have Talent. All the brightest people my…..Can we all send Musk to Mars. Allowing Trump back on Twitter is enabling a terrorist.

  • Grant Johnston 12 months ago

    So Putin actually does have a poop tin lol. While all along I’ve called him poop tin, truth.
    And all his poop tin nugget minions lol

  • Billy Kinopio 12 months ago

    Rudy is such a joke

  • Luke Chandra 12 months ago

    Guiliani is the second most embarrassing New Yorker ever.

  • FreezyAbitKT7A 12 months ago

    How much responsibility should Jimmy Kimmel own up to for the brain damage he caused to Joe Rogan and Doug Standhope for supplying them an endless pile of cocaine?

  • Kate Mccarty 12 months ago

    The idiot doesn’t know street tortillas r only 4″.they r small on purpose…

  • sante medical 12 months ago

    everybody should watch the documentary ‘2000 mules’. there is a rampant election fraud in USA.


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