“They Are Going To Kill Us All” – Jon Stewart Declares His Love For Scientists

Published on June 15, 2021

Jon Stewart, our first in-studio guest in over 15 months, expresses his great love for scientists, but includes a note of caution for a pandemic-weary world. #Colbert #TheLateShow #JonStewart

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  • R. 2 years ago

    John, the problem is not science nor scientists. Unless you wish to go back to the dark ages. If the world elected their representatives based on morals, responsibility and skills, no one ever would worry about what science comes up with or not.

  • Brad Griffin 2 years ago

    Little-known fact (may not be a fact):
    The largest Ivermectin producing factory on the planet is in China…in Wuhan…across the road from the coronavirus research centre. See? See? Are you blind?!

  • nolan412 2 years ago

    The Far Side would like a royalty.

  • Victoria McCauley 2 years ago

    I think Jon officially stopped giving a fuck.
    And perhaps the world is better for it.

  • Shubhika 2 years ago

    DO NOT EDIT THIS GUYS. GIVE IT ALL TO US!! I am gonna start crying soon.

  • Frank McManus 2 years ago

    Look at Rebecca Watson’s recent video to find out the actual science about where the virus came from. Jon Stewart is spreading dangerous misinformation.

  • Lex Slate 2 years ago

    Don’t say things like that, John. Don’t go giving us hope that someone, somewhere might say ‘Huh, it worked’ and then we might all be free of the endless cycle of bills, laundry and uncomfortably-targeted advertising.

  • Seferdi 2 years ago

    Knowledge is power.
    Its the fascism, income inequality, greed etc. which drive people to use that power irresponsible.
    How many of these Virus researchers made the vaccines possible by broadening our horizons.

  • That One Unicorn 2 years ago

    Jon has lost it and I am here for it

  • Lucy Lincoln 2 years ago

    “…this human contact, now you know I don’t care for it…”

    I felt that.

    A few minutes later:

    “I LOVE YOU!!!”

    Felt that too. Welcome back everybody.

  • Trex D 2 years ago

    Last utter..” uhuhuh..it worked”. Irony on dry rock..just the way I like it

  • Sukhbir Sekhon 2 years ago

    I know he was joking but 1918 Spanish flu was not created in a lab as Jon suggests.


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