Senate Republicans Block Abortion Rights Bill, Trump vs Wind & Newly-Leaked Lindsey Graham Audio

Published on May 11, 2022

The Senate failed to pass an abortion rights bill on a shocking and unfathomable day in our nation’s history, Jimmy uses some visual aids to explain how dumb some of the arguments were, Republican candidates want to make sure everyone knows they are pro-life with a few notable exceptions, Trump reportedly asked his national security team if China was creating hurricanes and shooting them at us, newly-leaked audio of Lindsey Graham recorded just after the attack on the Capitol reveals that he was looking forward to the calming presence of Joe Biden, Mike Pence is on the road complaining about the high price of gas, Bill Gates announced that he tested positive for COVID, Mattel is rolling out a Barbie that comes with hearing aids, and our in-house movie critic Yehya reviews Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.


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  • ebin george 9 months ago

    All talk show idiots are trying hard to coverup Biden governments idiocracy.

  • Harold Randall 9 months ago

    The party that claims to love the military has the ex VP calling his Navy pilot sun-n-law unworthy but he’s never said anything disparaging about the terrorist who storm the Capitol and wanted to hang him… what a scumbag

  • Cory ryder 9 months ago

    tucker went back to pueberty

  • Bonnie B 9 months ago

    I wonder when the people in this nation to figure out how the republican party and the GOP have destroyed America’s democracy.???? In controle of the Senate they have created a cruel privatized corporate greedy corrupted country . I guess never !!!! They love gruel corrupted politicians who are taking away every right of women in the name of religion .!!!! Low education maybe ???🍌💩👿🇺🇸🤮🤮🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • Teacher John 9 months ago

    I refuse to call Mitch the bit** a turtle, I like them too much. Besides, with that neck droopin’ more daily he looks more and more like the turkey he is.

  • Oliver Kirkland 9 months ago

    All this stuff is a plus for the Democratic vote!

  • Brian Vadgård Ritter 9 months ago

    Lol – Americans complaining it’s 6$ pr. gallon.
    Meanwhile, in Europe it’s more like 20$ pr. gallon. – but of cause – that’s also Biden’s fault somehow?

  • Adam Mercy 9 months ago

    SHUT up, Kimmel….you’re gonna get yourself punched in the mouth.

  • Concious man 9 months ago

    What about looting

  • Agor Adnal 9 months ago

    Jimmy for president

  • cueshadow 9 months ago

    wouldn’t be surprised if Trump was traumatized and thought that Wind is same as Storm(y), which caused him to suffer from PTSD

  • GrimJerr 9 months ago

    Uh yeah, Yhea Yhea is a No No, FO with this crap !

  • Tyler Neher 9 months ago

    I love you Jimmy but seeing a proclaimed Catholic whining about Roe vs Wade being overturned just shows how far he’s willing to go to meet the expectations of his liberal audience and studio producers. Again overturning Roe vs Wade doesn’t make abortion illegal instead it slaps couples in the face and tells them become more responsible with their sexual activities, which is a good thing! Over 90 percent of abortions happen bc a couple decided to be irresponsible, when the day comes that Jimmy and his fellow California democrats finally get that slap in the face hopefully we wouldn’t having this debate over and over again

  • Emmanuel 9 months ago

    People must understand that that the Almighty God created everything. Human DNA, the whole universe, all animals, insects; etc.If a female is sexually attacked by male she is not in love with and gets pregnant; she should give birth and rise the child according to God’s will because God loves children. Genesis chapter 1:27-28.
    Matthew chapter 19:13-15. Mark 10:13-16. Luke 18:15-17. Blessed be whoever understand these scriptures.

  • SomeDude 9 months ago

    “No Sir, China has a Magic Sharpie that they use to direct hurricanes.”

  • 54 MGTF 9 months ago

    Republicans put the ban into Taliban. Stone age thinking.

  • Rick Simon 9 months ago

    Americans never discussed the abortion issue the way it must be discussed: By looking only at the science. This had NOTHING to do with the Constitution. The Found Fathers had no idea about fetuses. Fact is, medical professionals define death as the lack of all higher brain functions. If they go out, a person will be declared dead. A fetus does not have those before the third trimester. It is not alive during the first two trimesters. Abortion should be legal until then, especially in the U.S. where the lack of decent sex ed results in teenage girls who can be four months pregnant without knowing it.

  • Dale Doback 9 months ago

    Is Jimmy going to cry again?

  • Elizabeth Page 9 months ago

    Love the puppet show!!!

  • Pierce Aero 9 months ago

    Tucker Carlson has way too many LSD trips on his odometer. Over 100 self-admitted. Even Dead Heads reject him. His favorite band. You know he is a premature ejaculator and his wife can’t hide it when asked.


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