There’s Only 12 of These Left…

Published on April 11, 2023

There’s just 12 episodes of The Late Late Show, and a primetime special, left and James gives us a taste of what we can expect for the final stretch.. And fresh off a break for Passover and Easter, a debate broke out in the office today: is ham a traditional Easter food? The news brings us headlines about a DoD leak, a new White House Easter Bunny, former President Donald Trump at the UFC fight and Fyre Festival II.

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  • Doug Walker 8 months ago

    last show 4 27? my birthday.

  • angel eusebio 8 months ago

    Nice humor

  • AlanFisher2705 8 months ago

    If Steve’s in, I’m in

  • Acsai Anna 8 months ago

    1d renuion

  • hermie snow 8 months ago

    they not hail hitler are they haha

  • Eric Minch 8 months ago

    Heaven forfend that the crucifixion should “take a dark turn”. I definitely prefer the lighthearted traditional version, in which the Roman soldiers search for colored eggs while the two thieves pet bunny rabbits.

  • Mark 8 months ago

    Tom and James kidnap 1d (hence solving the murder)

  • Steve Baker 8 months ago

    Is James coming home to England or doing something new in the states? Either way I’m gonna miss this show, I’m pissed when they’re missing for a weeks holiday, good luck with all your respective future endeavours guys and be happy, we will all miss you all so much.

  • Martin Johnstone 8 months ago

    Hagar being… What is that? Cool? Demure? Enraged? Just listening?


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