Blue States Begin Removing Mask Mandates & Stacey Abrams’s Photo-Op Faux Pas | The Daily Show

Published on February 9, 2022

As the current wave of the Omicron variant begins to fade, blue states are considering ending mask mandates as soon as this month. Meanwhile, Stacey Abrams makes a photo-op faux pas.



  • GanjaZz 2 years ago

    im strongly for wearing masks but if i have to scratch my cheek in public transport i just hold my breath for the time i put my mask on the side, seems legit to me but using it as a excuse for not wearing it at all is sad.

  • tuxedobob2 2 years ago

    Love how he makes fun of junior high mustaches before the camera zooms in on his face to show one on him. 😀

  • Cancun771 2 years ago

    South Park is unbeatable when they predict a future where people have gone from chin diaper to full-on head diaper.

  • BB 0 2 years ago

    We live in selfish spoiled country, the quicker one just accepts it the better ones mental health will be

  • Yvonne Pittman 2 years ago

    I believe her!

  • Real Talk 2 years ago

    The pandemic is far from over. Democrats are just bending over for loud republicans

  • Monty Vierra 2 years ago

    I’m an American who’s been living overseas all this time. Imagine a country with about one third the population of the US. That’s 3:1. Now, imagine this Covid death toll: 900,000 to 40,000 or very roughly 20:1. The country with the fewer deaths–and the lower ratio–began with and has continued to have a mask policy among its Covid prevention measures.

    In the city where I live, we have near 100% of adults with two doses of AstraZeneca; I just got my third. We expect teens to start on their third shortly and children 5-11 to begin their doses shortly.

    In that same city of about a million people, 140 have died. I’ll write it out in words: one hundred forty. Is there any city of a million in the US where only about 150 people have died?

    You tell me, which place takes care of its people better? (And relatives ask, “When you coming home?”)

  • Laqueta Hodge 2 years ago

    In CA, our indoor mask mandate does end on the 15th, but he’s now leaving it up to counties & quite a few are choosing to extend it (LA County). A lot of businesses still require masks, but either way I still wear mine.

  • Laura Sida 2 years ago

    Rules for thee; but not for me. At some point you have to recognize these people aren’t your people, they rule you.

  • Venox 2 years ago

    Floridians be like “there was a mandate?”

  • I was framed For my parents crimes 2 years ago

    Politicians ignoring their own rules. Wow. I am completely surprised!

  • Tayler Troutt 2 years ago

    “Stacy Abraham’s wasn’t wearing a mask” oh that’s news? When’s CNN coming to my grocery store to report on all the maskless people there too?

  • Joey S 2 years ago

    What did this video hope to accomplish? ‘Trevor noah goes on anti mask rant’

  • King David 2 years ago

    *The Virus patient right said China, sobotage friends WHO head, UN Secretary are enjoys in China Olympic after all lose of lives and human made disasters. It is the time to end the fear of the viruses. We lost so much lives, lost jobs, to much inflation, too much homelessness. The G20 and the Vaccine rich lobbyist trying to send fears on media by saying don’t trust ur natural immunity and take by force the vaccine or no jobs, no food to survives. No one blame, charge China and WHO head on such very big lost lives, world economy shackling?*

  • Benny Pika 2 years ago

    man, these people really don’t know how to make themselves look so cool with mask on


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