The Kind of Story We Need Right Now: Man Catches an Alligator in a Trash Can

Published on November 3, 2021

Seth steps away from bleak and depressing news to share a news story about a man using a trash can to catch an alligator outside of his home.

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  • Audrey C 3 months ago

    The amount of times you said flip flops when you should’ve said slides (or even sandals) has inspired me to join the jackals.

  • elaine allen 3 months ago

    I am so happy you included the release. I had been wondering what happened to the poor gator for a week now.

  • Minolta Araya 3 months ago

    Sandals would have also been acceptable – as slides and flip-flops are sandals but flip-flops are definitely not slides…. Hope this helps Seth! 😊 💕

  • Rosanna McCullough 3 months ago

    Is this florida, specifically miami-dade county

  • Missy Barbour 3 months ago

    NGL, I would watch that Animal Planet show. It’d be like if Steve Irwin were a Florida Man.

  • Kanga The Roo 3 months ago

    everyone saw this two months ago when it happened…

  • SlykTech 3 months ago

    Everything in Florida wants to kill you. One of the reasons you have to be crazy to live there.

  • Sky Christy Presents 3 months ago

    That’s an old story, but it still works.. I like the neighbor coming over with a beer AFTER the gator is in the can …

  • Rev. Dr. Dayspring 3 months ago

    I must note that the last 2 “stories we need right now” have been about alligators. Do you have something against alligators, Mr. Meyers?

  • Kimberly Druhan 3 months ago

    I’m sure there are many comments already saying this by now. And I don’t know how to actually get to corrections, but those are obviously slides not flip-flops

  • Ivory Dawn 3 months ago

    I cannot express how badly I now need Eugene to get his own animal planet show

  • N Marshall 3 months ago

    Seth, this is all your fault

  • Judy Manning 3 months ago

    Thank you 🍀

  • Dave Wraptastic 3 months ago

    More like the story we needed like a month ago, this video went viral ages ago

  • Janine Fullin 3 months ago

    Being from the land of Crocodile Dundee.🇦🇺 Major respect for Eugene and the “Otto Bin”. Janine.🦘🐨

  • NOAH R 3 months ago


  • Max McKinley 3 months ago

    Badass. Crazy loco but badass.

  • Trevor Keller 3 months ago

    I would definitely be okay seeing more The Kind of Stories We Need Right Now and some along with some more Ya Burnts.


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