The Best of Chelsea Handler as Guest Host | The Daily Show

Published on February 25, 2023

Chinese spy balloons, Tucker Carlson slamming diversity, TikTok trends, George Santos butting heads with Mitt Romney at the State Of The Union, and Marjorie Taylor Greene being…well, Marjorie Taylor Greene. Chelsea Handler had a lot to cover – here are the best moments from her week guest hosting The Daily Show.

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  • Greg Bors 3 months ago

    She brings the energy that Sam Bee would have had if she had been given the hosting job, instead of it being outsourced

  • Grace Young 3 months ago

    She is the best. Her perspective is such a strong feminist. I love it.

  • Plain 3 months ago

    I love attitude and her swag in her points. Would love to see more of her!

  • Matt Woodling 3 months ago


  • Myriam Ickx 3 months ago

    Chelsea is the best! I want her as regular host. Or maybe Desi.

  • Sir Teebs 3 months ago

    I said this about Wanda Sykes, and I’ll say it about Chelsea Handler: while I don’t think she’ll get the hosting job, I truly hope she gets a show. Her views of the current events are absolutely hilarious, and are a breath of fresh air in a very moderated comedy world. She’s hilarious. I wish Chelsea Lately never ended.

  • Julia Simpson 3 months ago

    Chelsea for daily show host.

  • Shawn Bates 3 months ago

    I think Chelsea was probably the best candidate out of the set thus far. All of them were funny but I think she “owned” the chair better than the others. They are all remarkably talented comedians and I hope the best for each of them.

  • Scott Harris 3 months ago

    She did a geat job. All of the guest hosts were great. There’s not a bad choce between them.

  • Chris Baccus 3 months ago

    I would watch this every night if she was the host.

  • Sam Adams 3 months ago

    So far this was the absolute best host hands down. Wish she could come on full time.

  • Moxie Von Teal 3 months ago

    she wins the guest hosts

  • echo Awoo 3 months ago

    These guest hosts are awesome, I just wish they lasted longer than a few days so like… I could get emotionally invested at least a little. Wanda Sykes was my favorite so far, but I love that woman to death so like xD

  • LakhnBer 3 months ago

    Looks like she’s just getting into her prime, right?

  • Tsar Fox 3 months ago

    Man the ladies are killing it as guest hosts. Personally I think Sarah Silverman should get the gig full time but, Chelsea Handler would be great too.


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